Kids Technology

Kids these days really don’t know how lucky they’ve got it. When we grew up, there was no such thing as smartphones and tablets. Only very wealthy people had a computer at home, and even then, it wasn’t connected to the internet! The modern gadgets and devices we all take for granted now simply didn’t exist up until quite recently, but kids today have grown up with them being part of normal life. The issue with this is knowing exactly how kids and technology mix. It’s not like we can rely on our own experiences, most of us parents today didn’t even own a computer until we were in high school! Here are some things to bear in mind when it comes to kids and technology

Have You Got The Right Safety Settings On?

One of the main concerns when it comes to children using the internet is safety. You need to stay in control of what they’re able to see and who can contact them, but it can be difficult. Even seemingly harmless apps can have chat functions, and child filters aren’t always perfect. Make sure you have the right safety settings on, and be wary of apps that you use. Always have a good click through yourself before letting children use them, even if they seem to be designed for kids. Have a chat about online safety with children and make sure they know how to respond if anything unusual does happen.

Can They Use The Device Correctly?

Most of us are very careful with our technology because we know how much it cost. Let’s face it, it’s not cheap! But kids can be clumsy and careless. Whether it’s handling it incorrectly, dropping it, spilling things on it or losing it- you need to make sure your child knows how to look after such an expensive item. If not, you’ll find yourself wondering things like what you can do if your iPhone 7 home button is broken, or how to fix the screen on a broken MacBook! Costly repairs and being without your technology while it gets fixed is the last thing you need. If you’re buying your child a device like a tablet or they’re using yours, look into getting a childproof iPad case, at least they give a bit more protection against knocks and scratches.

How Much Time Should They Be Allowed On It?

Another important question parents often ask themselves is how much time should my child be allowed online? Given a choice, kids will happily spend every waking minute on it, so it’s up to us to restrict it carefully. Make sure that your child is still getting enough exercise when they’re not sat on their devices they should be up and active. Children need sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day, so it’s crucial to make sure this is still being fit in and not taken up being sedentary using gadgets. Experts state kids should spend no more than two hours a day online, so find a balance that works for you. You could make them ‘earn’ their online time- getting homework done or doing simple chores works well. Be sure to time them when they get onto their devices as it’s so easy for the hours to slip away when they’re being quiet!