10 Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to losing weight, the internet and print world is full of unsubstantiated recommendations and most of them simply don’t work. In some cases, they are even dangerous. It is far more practical to use techniques that have a little research and maybe even science behind them.

Let’s take a look at 10 weight loss tips that are actually evidence based in helping people to lose weight.

Tip #1-Drink More Coffee

Studies have shown that drinking more coffee can actually help to raise your body’s metabolism which in turn can help burn fat. You need to be careful and make sure not to load it up with sugar and cream, but otherwise, coffee seems to be one of the proven ways to help with losing weight.

Tip #2-Cook with Coconut Oil

There are many different types of cooking oils on the market but coconut oil is one of the few that has been shown to help boost your fat-burning ability by at least 120 calories per day.

Tip #3-Reduce Sugar Intake

It is well known that sugar is one of the fastest ways to add unwanted calories to your diet and gain excess pounds. In addition, studies have routinely shown that sugar not only increases your risk of obesity but can speed up the probability of you developing diabetes or other health problems.

Tip #4-Use Smaller Plates

It may seem like some kind of gimmick but research has clearly shown that smaller plates lead to smaller portions and ultimately weight loss. The weight loss physicians at CCS Surgery Newcastle note that using smaller plates helps to change poor eating habits like binge eating. Maybe it’s a little bit of brain trickery, but either way, it works.

Tip #5-Eat Healthy Snacks

The next time you go to the grocery store to gather up some snacks, stay away from the potato chips and cookies. Eating snacks that are good for you are a quick way to reduce caloric intake and drop those pounds.

Tip #6-Plan Your Meals

One of the things that athletes and other health professionals due on a regular basis is to advocate planning your meals. It is far easier to lose weight when you know in advance what you are eating and not making unhealthy choices.

Tip #7-Drink Water Before Eating

One of the simple tips that has been proven to assist in weight loss is drinking a glass of water prior to your meal. This allows you to feel full faster and can easily reduce the amount of calories you consume.

Tip #8-Eat Hot Foods

If you enjoy spicy food, you already have an advantage in losing weight because the Capsaicin in things like cayenne peppers has been shown to increase metabolism and aid in weight loss.

Tip #9-Get Better Sleep

Most of us do not associate sleeping with weight loss but studies have shown that obesity (especially in children) can be directly linked to poor sleeping habits.

Tip #10-Eat Greens First

Greens and vegetables are nutritionally dense so they can assist in helping you to feel satisfied faster during meals. Be careful when adding dressings as some of them can be filled with unneeded calories.