When it comes to caring for your hair, you’ll want to make sure that you have the best products and equipment, such as the top hair dryer brushes to maintain your hairstyle. But did you know that there are other hair tips you can follow rather than waste a ton of money on hair products that contain chemicals?

Top 7 Hair Tips You Need to Know

It isn’t only about the shampoo you buy, but the way you treat your hair! If you’re wondering about the hair tips to keep your strands long and healthy, I show you everything I learned about how to take care of your hair. And yes, it includes money-saving tips as well!

Top Hair Tips

Here are my top seven best hair tips suitable for ANY hair color and style:

  1. Maintain Your Hair

Make sure that you keep your hair and trim it now and then. Our hair grows very long and becomes more susceptible to split ends or dry and tangles hair. While you may want long hair and grow it out, I recommend you to trim it every few weeks.

You can use the hair cutting shears, as it’s easy to style your hair yourself and save the money spent in salons.

  1. Eat Right

Yes, what you eat can also affect your overall hair health. Make sure that you eat healthy food that encourages soft and hydrated hair. Focus on fruits and vegetables, as well as dishes high in HEALTHY fat such as salmon or peanut butter.

Food rich in iron and B vitamins is also crucial to maintaining your hair health.

  1. Take Your Vitamins

While eating and exercising right can help keep your hair long and beautiful, it may not be enough. If you are deficient in some vitamins and nutrients, I recommend you to take multivitamins or supplements that help increase the absorption of nutrients in your body.

Take iron or B vitamins. Even fish oil supplements will do wonders! Not only does this help your hair bit it will do wonders to your body as well. You can also find hair supplements to help with hair growth and health.

  1. Wash Regularly

You probably see posts about women not shampooing their hair to retain the natural oils, but it can do a bit of harm (and smell) than good. Experts recommend to wash your hair regularly, and at least every other day. If you happen to have a sweaty day from exercise or on the job, then lather up and rinse your hair away from dirt and bacteria that may damage it in the long run.

It’s best to wash your hair and body regularly especially if you are always exposed to pollution or sweat.

  1. Less Sun

Vitamin D from the sun’s rays is good, but too much may end up damaging both your skin and hair! If you spend too much time under the sun, it might end up drying your hair too much and leave it damaged.

To prevent that from happening, lessen your sun exposure and stay under shades when out. If you do go out, add leave-in conditioner, as it protects your hair from the UV rays and other forms of air pollution around you when outdoors.

  1. Cold Showers

A lot of procedures require you to rinse your hair under hot water, but the excess heat (just like overusing heating irons) can end up with your hair losing its volume. You end up with limp hair without the style! Keep the temperature either warm or cold. When rinsing out your conditioner, the colder, the better! It will help absorb the nutrients and leave a shine right after.

  1. Know Where to Clean Hair

Shampoo and conditioner are the two essentials when washing hair, but you have to know where to apply it! Use shampoo on the scalp and first few inches of your hair, as this is where most oil buildup lies. When conditioning, focus on the middle part up to the ends to remove the split ends.

Also, remember to choose QUALITY and natural products!


In Conclusion

Your hair is one of the things you must take care of. With that being said, you’ll need to make investments in the RIGHT products, especially if you want to style your hair on your own. Also, you’ll need to follow a healthy regime and avoid overspending on products that may not do you any good.

I hope that this article on the best hair tips helped you know what to do to take care of your hair without spending a lot of money! So what are you waiting for? Try these tips and get the luscious hair you deserve.

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