My daughter just celebrated her 10th birthday, and got lots of great goodies.  Here are some of her favorites!

10th Birthday Gifts

Weaving looms & accessories

My daughter recently learned how to finger-knit, so the next thing she wanted to try were some looms.  She got both round looms and rectangular looms, plus some books on how to use them as well as some awesome yarn too!

Weaving looms are fun and easy to do. I am in the middle of making a scarf! I learned how to finger-knit at Girl Scouts, which proves it is so easy to finger-knit, you can learn it in 20 minutes! I recommend getting this for your 10 year old because it is very fun and very easy.

10th Birthday Gift Ideas Weaving Loom


Books have always been a favorite in our household. I always read outside when it is sunny so I can get some vitamin D. My daughter joins me whenever she can!

The books I got are great, but big, the way I like them. The Maze Runner Series is the series of books I got, but there are many other books I like – like The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane, and the Warriors series. I hope your 10 year old enjoys these books just as much as I do (or more!).


There are a couple shirts I like, even though I’m not so fashion-obsessed. What I’m saying is, go for cute, and go for not cheesy, and go for what your 10 year old is always talking about.

Sequin pillows

Sequin pillows are pretty awesome!  You can buy either the whole pillow, or pillowcases (that you have to fill).  If you have the patience, you can find them cheap on Ebay, or grab some on Amazon.

This present is practically a gift for the whole family! I use it, my sister uses it, my mom uses it (A.K.A. Marysa!:), and even my dad uses it! Really fun and addicting! I insist you try it! Thank you!