Jump & Jam Tunes

I received a copy of this CD in exchange for my review.

The “Jump & Jam Tunes” album takes me back to when my kids were really little and we would put on fun music and dance around and be silly.  This fun new CD from Dana Cohenour is great for younger kids to get them having fun!

Dana’s newest release is high-energy, interactive music that will get kids moving! These upbeat tunes are hoppin’ and boppin’ fun that will inspire young children to jump, laugh, sing & dance along. Featuring a wide variety of musical styles from rock to bluegrass, jazz, country and pop, this album is a musical party for the whole family. (Bandcamp.com)

Dana Cohoneur

We were not familiar with Dana Cohenour’s music, although she has many years of experience in creating and producing music, as well as performing.  These songs are so positive and upbeat, little ones are happy to get moving and have fun!

Check out the opening song, Jump & Jive!

There are 12 songs on this album.  They are all full of energy, except for the last one, “I Love Mommy”, which has a slower pace, and is a nice way to wrap up the album.

  1. Jump and Jive
  2. Wiggle Workout
  3. Barnyard Hoedown
  4. Do My Part
  5. Jumping Beans
  6. Five Green and Speckled Eggs
  7. Grandma’s Kitchen Band
  8. Follow the Leader
  9. Legs
  10. Fish Tale
  11. Shakin’ Things Up
  12. I Love Mommy

I love how this album has so much energy, and winds down with a quieter song.  Perfect to get the littles settled back down!


Visit Dana’s Music Playground at http://musicplayground.co/

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