Ever wondered why your lovely pet enjoys a strong fan following on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram? You favorite cat or dog cannot access the computer or upload their status. Undoubtedly, it’s you who is making them popular through some interesting shares. It’s a fun way to popularize your little, chubby, feline or canine friends.

Cats and Dogs Enjoy Higher Fan Following than Humans on Social Media – How?

Social media as the necessary medium for pet promotion

Go through Facebook, Instagram and other social networking platforms, and you will  be able to find popular pets like, Nala, Grumpy, Walter and the list goes on. These cute pets share strong fan following on the social media. The owner of Grumpy Cat (1.7 million followers) is enjoying a strong celebrity status, only because of the strong popularity and fan following this little cat enjoys every moment. Having strong Instagram followers is an easy way to enjoy the limelight.

As of today, LiL Bub is a strong and bonafide celebrity in the social media circle. Presently, this little cat enjoys a fan following list of around 1.4 million. Not bad, isn’t it? There are also other names like Dough the Pug with 2 million followers, Marnie with 2 million followers and Tuna with 1.8 million photographers.  Now, with such humongous fan following, these pet owners enjoy making a lot of money through paid events, products and endorsements. The emergence of social media concept has made it easier to let people utilize their pet’s antiques and behavioral  traits through contents and images. Becoming popular is just a matter of time. A few shares, some likes and things start to fall in the right place.

How to make the scenario more effective?

There are powerful social media influencers with whom most of these pet parents operate in close proximity. Providing a link to the Instagram account on their blog posts and websites can prove to be extremely helpful in promotional campaigns. Cute pets dressed in funny outfits always attract the attention of crowds. And, if you are smarter, include some fictional interactive session with the pet to make the followers feel that their queries are been answered by the pets. Walter is a Munchkin-Persian breed cat, which enjoys its personal Facebook and Instagram account. Its owner, Ania, updates the posts in a way that appears as if Walter is talking to the audience. At times, you would find Walter to be extremely rude and angry at her owner Ania in the posts. These are all little tricks by the owner to entertain the readers and make them crave for more. It’s all about being in the limelight for as long you can.

The present scenario

Although there are popular pets making strong rounds on the Internet through social media sites, the list continuous to grow. Every single day, there are new owners introducing their pets to the flashy world of social media. Everyone is running to catch stardom.

While the barrier to entry is high, you would find a large chunk of pet owners who would lose interest in the approach and stop after a few weeks. Once they realize that it’s not something organic, they start to move away from the process. But then, with pauses and infrequent updates, you would lose out on the tricks. You need to stay focused and never loosen up the patience level, if you are serious in making your sweet little non-human friend famous on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.