How 2 Simple Routines Can Make Parenting Easier

As a parent, you have many unique challenges raising your kids. However, two common problems most parents face with their kids is at the start and end of the day.

Too often, getting your kids ready for school and putting them to bed on time rarely goes smoothly. In the morning, when they should be energetic, they are sleepy; then, in the evening, when they should be sleepy, they are energetic.

For things to go smoothly in the morning when getting your kids off to school, it’s important that they go to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep—so, let’s first take a look at how to get kids to bed on time and then take a look at how to make morning routines easier.

Getting to Bed on Time

  1. Make it easy to get comfortable.

Here are some ways to make it easier for kids to settle down for the night.

  • Cut down on fidgeting by dressing them up in comfy PJs. If their little feet get cold at night, try seamless socks for kids because these won’t bunch up and pinch or chafe.
  • Cut down on chatter by calming them down with a good bedtime story from their favorite book.
  • Cut down on complaints about hunger by making sure they get a bedtime snack.

Also, make sure that their beds are perfectly comfortable, too — like blankets, pillows, and bed sheets — and that the house is quiet and their bedroom suitably dark.

  1. Create a parental pact.

Both you and your spouse should have come to a common agreement about bedtime. Support each other when your child tries to appeal to one of you for some more time before bed.

  1. Establish a predictable routine.

Kids feel secure when they have a predictable routine. It might be to have a bedtime snack, put on PJs, brush teeth, and listen to a story. Your routine should not be a long-drawn out affair. A 30 minute routine is about right.

Getting Ready for School

  1. Prepare the night before.

After you put your kid to bed, you have to resist the temptation to get on your computer, read your favorite book, or watch TV. Instead, while you still have the energy, pack up their homework and books, get their clothes out, and prepare any lunch or snacks. In other words, get everything they need ready for the next day. However, don’t stop there. Make sure, you do the same thing yourself—take a shower, iron your clothes, pack your lunch bag, and so on.

  1. Follow a set routine every morning.

Trying to avoid early morning rush hour traffic requires a simple approach to getting ready in the morning. Put as much on autopilot as possible—from bathing to dressing to breakfast. Remove all sorts of obstacles that slow things down. For instance, if everyone is using the same bathroom, designate time slots; if family members can’t decide what to wear, put out clothes the night before; if the car keys constantly get misplaced, designate a place for keys to be placed when you get home in the evenings.

  1. Make the same basic breakfast every weekday.

If you and your family love hearty breakfasts then save these up for the weekend. Trying to create a big breakfast when you’re trying to hurry up and get out of the door doesn’t work well for anyone. Not only will it take longer to cook and serve breakfast but everyone has to eat it as quickly as possible. A better idea is to make a simple breakfast which can be made in five minutes. It’s less hassle to prepare when you’re in a rush and it will give everyone a little more time to enjoy it. 

Everyone Will Have a Better Day

Although it may sound rather mechanical to manage the beginning and end of the day, everyone will benefit from it. Your kids will feel secure in an established routine and you will have more peace of mind. Moreover, everyone will have a good night’s rest and the day won’t start as a frantic race against the clock. As a result of doing everything in an orderly way, your kids will thrive at school and you will do a great job at work.