5 Luxury U.S. Destinations

If you are looking for a perfect vacation in the U.S, you will be lost for choice. Finding the best destination can be confusing because of the many options available. There are luxury destinations that have maintained their allure for years, while new ones are emerging. Whether you are looking for a family, individual or corporate vacation destination, below are some prestigious places to try:

  • Hawaii

The mention of a holiday in the U.S instantly conjures the images of blue waters and breathtaking beaches. This is characteristic of Hawaii and it is no wonder it ranks among the top world tourist destinations. It is simply majestic and it has a unique blend of sights right from snow covered peaks, black-sand beaches and lush green forests. It is a luxury destination that has something for every type of traveler. From the waterfalls, volcanoes and amazing beaches to vibrant party life, there is every reason to explore Hawaii. 

  • Kauai

From aquamarine skies and honey-dipped sunsets, to extensive brown beaches, there is an irresistible allure to Kauai. This is the oldest among the Hawaiian Islands, albeit smaller than its brothers. However, its size belies the multiple activities you can enjoy in the laidback island, right from hiking to water sports. Due to its exclusivity, this island has a big prize to its natural wonders, making it a perfect luxury destination.

  • Palm Springs

Southern California desert has its own gem in form of Palm Springs. Once renowned for being the go-to place by Hollywood celebrities such as Elvis and Frank Sinatra, Palm Springs is still a hot destination due to its desert scenery, awe-inspiring sunsets, spas, nightclubs, golf courses and much more. The Coachella Valley has amazing concerts every year where greats such as Bob Dylan perform and this adds to the allure of Palm Springs.

  • Martha’s Vineyard

From presidents to Hollywood celebrities, Martha’s Vineyard is home to distinguished personalities. The triangle-shaped island is a secret getaway for the most renowned public and entertainment figures in the world and it comes at top rates. From Barrack Obama to David Letterman, the vineyard has created an aura of sophistication and it is best when you want to get 5-star services in a laidback environment.

The summer cottages and exquisite dining opportunities give the island that prestigious touch which has helped it grow a global reputation.  Luckily, you still get to the chance to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

  • San Francisco

You may have seen the Golden Gate Bridge, which defines the landscape of San Francisco. However, there is still more to the city than the bridge because you get to enjoy exclusive dining in some of the world’s greatest restaurants. It is also a delight to art lovers and nightlife lovers, with greats such as Tony Bennett remaining committed to the city’s scene to their last breath. The bay area gives an incredible family experience while also giving a different perspective of the city’s skyline. A cable car ride will cap your tour of this great destination and the memories will remain embedded in your mind.