Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae

If you live by the roadside, highway or any busy road and are irritated by things like traffic lights, dust and noise, there are options for you.  For many gardeners, privacy barriers are the first part of planning.  Everyone has their reasons to fence their gardens, with of course privacy being the most common reason. 

You can make your garden more private by planting a hedge of arborvitae.  Arborvitae is a branched and treelike evergreen tree that adds beauty to your landscape, while providing a barrier between you and noise, dust, prying eyes, and more.

Living by the roadside, highway or a busy road has its pros and cons. One of the major cons is the unease caused by the traffic. A Green Giant Thuja hedge eliminates the element of noise and seeing traffic from your home and yard.  It also proves to be a divider between different parts of a large garden (for example, categorized for fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, shades, children’s play area, etc).  Arborvitae is the evergreen option for you to design your garden in a lovely way.

One of the great benefits of the Thuja Green Giant hedge is that it can be a much nicer option compared to a regular fence.  For one, it is a cheaper and more convenient option to surround your gardens.  It has no risk of getting rotten or rusted by constant water spray and dust.  It costs less per foot in comparison to the regular iron fence. It provides you with an opportunity to install a barrier as long as 20′.  A green wall is easier to install.  It also reduces the pressure of wind, tolerates snow drifts and reduces noise – all things that an iron fence can never do.

Since this is a natural barrier, it has its requirement of time for natural growth of the plants which can take time. If you are designing your garden or you are in a house located by the roadside or highway; you will need a couple of grown trees which you can instantly plant. You can find arborvitae plants in many sizes, from a height of 1-2, feet, 2-3 feet, and so on, up to 5-6 feet. 

A Thuja green giant fence grows very quickly, at a rate of 3 feet per year.  Within years, it can grow as tall as 10-20 feet, providing you an instant solution to your privacy and partitioning problems.  Thuja green giant is a very popular and widely opted choice when it is the matter of hedge or barrier. Its ability to cope up with the nature of soil, pests, and diseases makes it stand out in the crowd, and is even deer resistant. It also helps to shield and protect other plants too.

Get rid of all the dust, noise and lights with the Thuja green giant hedges!