Quinoa with Chickpeas & Broccoli

I have been making a lot of recipes lately with quinoa and chickpeas, and I wanted to make a combination with vegetables.  This is an easy recipe that you can tweak to your own personal tastes.


1/2 cup quinoa
1/2 head or so of broccoli
1 can garbanzo beans
Olive oil
Optional seasonings: broth for quinoa, garlic, spices


Rinse your quinoa and drain, then toast with olive oil in your pot.

Cook quinoa per instructions (usually about 15 minutes).

While the quinoa is cooking, rinse the garbanzo beans.  (Try not to eat too many while you cook the quinoa!)

Chop the broccoli into small pieces and steam or blanch briefly (I like it to still have a little crunch to it, but you can cook it to your liking).

Once the quinoa is done cooking, I allow it to cool a little, and then toss with the garbanzo beans and broccoli, salt, and seasonings.

I have added garlic, lemon, kalamata olives & feta cheese, cajun seasoning, and other combinations.

Bonus – if you make extra, this makes an easy leftover for lunch the next day!