I love mushrooms, and as a vegetarian, I often found myself grilling a shiitake mushroom on the grill in lieu of a regular burger.  I also found that I really enjoyed sautéed mushrooms, and soon the mushroom sandwich was born!

sauteed mushroom sandwiches

This is a quick and easy version – you can add other ingredients or toppings as desired.



Mushrooms – I usually get button mushrooms and slice them, but you could try other varieties

Seasonings – you could choose salt and spices, or I like a blend like Tony Chachares, a spicy creole blend that has salt in it

Oil and/or butter



Slice your mushrooms and also chop if necessary.  

I generally chop them about 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide.  If you are using really big mushrooms like shiitake, you probably also want to cut your slices so they aren’t to long.

Chopped Mushrooms

Warm some oil in a pan and add your mushrooms.  I try to spread them out so they get a decent coating of oil, but mushrooms absorb oil and other liquids, so if they are sticking, you may need to add more oil.

Cook the mushrooms until tender.  As they start to soften up, you can add your seasoning so that it mixes in.

Mushrooms Seasoned

They will go from dry, with a tendency to stick, to a point where they release moisture.  You will get some water in your pan – not a big deal, just drain the mushrooms or use a utensil that leaves the liquid behind.

I like to fry a roll in some butter as soon as the mushrooms are done.

At that point, I create a nice little pile of mushrooms on my roll and I’m good to go!  However, you could add other ingredients – maybe some cheese or a handful of arugula.  You can really dress it up according to whatever flavors you like!