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Friends are so important.  I grew up as an only child raised by my mother – and when my mom passed in my 20’s, life changed.  It was tough.  All those times you talk to your mom about something?  It was gone.  Everything from those amazing days to rock bottom.. I couldn’t just pick up the phone to talk to mom.  I am lucky to have supportive family members, but my family is small.  So I am also lucky to have some great friends who are there for me, whether we catch up on our lives over a lunch or I can send a text.


Hallmark has some great new products to celebrate friendship.  Sometimes the littlest of gestures is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them!

One of the things I love to do is send cards and notes, whether it is a special occasion or I want to say hi or just jot a quick thank you.  I feel like the art of writing is somewhat lost in a world of social media.  I try to remember birthdays and holidays, and I love blank note cards like the Signature Greetings Pineapple Card.  This card is so pretty, embellished with gems for some bling.. what friend wouldn’t love to have a card like this show up in the mail.  A simple but thoughtful gesture!  The picture doesn’t begin to show how pretty this card is, with glitter and gems to make it extra special.


The “Never Quit” journal is small, and nice to have.  With two kids, I can never seem to find paper when I need it, and this little journal is a good place to jot down things, whether I am writing down some thoughts or making a list of goals.  Gives me a chance to use my purple pen!

The Pretty Witty Happy pillow is fun and quirky, and when I see it, it cheers me up.  A reminder of good friends and happy things!

The Crafters & Co. Liquid Soap smells downright amazing, and as a busy mom, it is nice to feel pampered, even if for just a moment.

I also received a Pretty Witty Keep Friends Close Framed Art, which is a cute painted frame that reads, “Keep your friends close and your wine closer.”  What a cute little frame – I love the quote and also that it is small in size, so that it fits easily into your decor.

Hallmark Frame

We love Hallmark, and there are so many great items in this set.  I love looking through Hallmark items for special occasions or just for something like these items that celebrate friendship.

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