Flower Garden Tips

Enhancing your garden to be a uniquely beautiful one doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars and hiring renovators. It mainly takes creative ideas and an economical mindset in order to incorporate the right elements to make your garden very aesthetically pleasing.

Think simple, minimalistic ideas that have a big impact- low maintenance plants, flowers that have a big presence and furniture that attracts the gaze. Here we go!

1. Fragrant Plants

Gardens normally have flowers, and that’s completely traditional. But if you are looking for flowers that truly make a difference and stand out, pick the ones that emanate the most fragrant smells. Flowers like Gardenia, Sweet Pea, Lily-Of- The-Valley and Irises can be easily be put in pots on a garden table for constant natural fragrance. You can also plant them as whole bushes to keep your whole garden smelling amazing.


2. Zen Garden Area

The Japanese are well known for their minimalist aesthetics, and it also applies to many of their traditional gardens that need close to no upkeep while looking clean and tasteful. These zen gardens are unique, as the ground that would normally have plants or grass is completely covered with white stones that can be raked to make amazing patterns. Zen stands for peace, and in such a simple and breathtaking space, it’s easy to feel at peace. Have a section of your garden (or all of it) tailored in a zen manner, all you need are white rocks/pebbles, a tarp underneath and a rake.

Zen Garden

3. Bonsai Plants

If you want an easy upkeep for your garden, try switching to bonsai plants (which are adorable because they look like little trees!) or succulents. They do need a level of care but are much more friendly to the environment as they need less water and can make a great statement to your garden’s look.

4. Themed Furniture

Forget just getting any nice-looking chairs or tables. Find yourself a set of outdoor furniture for sale that you will truly enjoy- usually they are more eye-catching and whimsical when they have a theme.  Do you want vintage outdoor furniture? Or maybe a nautical style set? You decide.

Garden Furniture

5. Hanging LED Lights

Wires are always a hassle, and having to walk to switches to turn them on and off in your garden can just be a chore. Try using hanging LED lights that can drape around posts, tables and even bushes in your garden for a unique lighting ambience. Choose solar powered ones so you don’t have to worry about electricity costs, many solar lights actually switch on and off by themselves depending on the time of day.

6. Artificial Grass Rugs

You don’t need rolls and rolls to cover your garden (and if you already have it, bravo). Now the new trend is to introduce artificial grass in small sections to garnish your garden and home. Rugs, covers and even placemats have been made with synthetic turfs because of their fresh-looking color and zero maintenance level while giving an ‘earthy touch’ to any area.

Your garden doesn’t have to look like the royal family’s to get compliments from guests. Or if you’re doing it all for yourself and your family, you deserve an enchanting garden that will be a great place to relax and create unforgettable memories. With minimum effort, of course.