This summer try marinating your meat with a meat injector, for recipes that are bursting with flavors! This tool is efficient as it saves time as compared to the traditional methods and helps in distributing the marinade evenly throughout the meat. This means every bite one takes will be richly flavored and scrumptious. One doesn’t need to search for complicated recipes to flavor the meat using the meat injector. In fact the basic ingredients will give the barbecue meat enhanced flavor as it will be well infused through the tissues of the meat.

For those who are looking for poultry brine injections only, combine;

1. Four cups of low sodium chicken stock

2. One tablespoon each of salt and sugar

For preparation, the marinade stock should be simmered on low flame, and the dry ingredients should be added until completely dissolved. The marinade should then be allowed to sit for about ten minutes, after which it should be filled up in a narrow container to prevent wastage as a needle will work efficiently in a narrow container. The meat syringe should be filled up to prick the meat parallel to the grain. The needle should be pricked right up to the center of the flesh. The meat injected with brine injection can be barbecued immediately, but it is better to let the marinade work on the flesh by giving it a few hours.

The meat injector allows to give the richest flavor to the barbecue briskets as well. Not only is this technique effective in evenly distributing the flavor throughout the meat but also helps in keeping it moist during the cooking process. Therefore the barbecue meat is not hard to chew but tender and succulent.

For a brisket injection, the required ingredients are;

1. Beef base along with one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce each

2. Accent measuring one tea and two cups of water

To prepare the marinade, water should be heated in a saucepan and beef base should be added to it while whisking continuously. The water should be hot enough to dissolve the beef base but not boiling. This mixture should be strained before filling up the syringe with the marinade so as to prevent clogging.

When making the marinades for the barbecue meat it must be remembered not to use flaky herbs or ingredients like crushed garlic etc. The marinade base can be made from ingredients like beer, melted butter, vinegar and oils. These items will not clog the needle of the syringe. It’s also recommended to get gas for beer so that its as fresh as possible to give it the best taste! The dry herbs can be used on the meat during barbecuing by sprinkling the same on the meat, which will help in releasing flavor and aroma to add to the taste.