A two-hour drive north of Montreal resides Mont-Tremblant, a quaint town that offers extraordinary skiing sought by most in North America and beyond.  If you’re interested in other activities besides skiing or don’t like to ski at all, there is still plenty of reasons to visit the area.


Some people need a bit of relaxation after a day of skiing.  Mont-Tremblant hosts a number of spa services.  The mountain resort  has its own Scandinavian spa, and another site, Spa-sur-Lac, is popular with natives and visitors alike.  Depending upon where you’re staying, you can ask for an in-room massage, so you don’t have to leave your immediate surroundings after you rise from bed.

Clothes and Accessories

Montreal has a number of stores but you’ll enjoy unique outlets in Mont-Tremblant.  Regardless of your preference for style, the town will have something that catches your interest.  Reserve time to visit the thirty-five retail locations in the immediate area.  Do you love finding hidden gems in small boutiques?  You can find it here.  Do you prefer the selections at large, retail chains?  Mont-Tremblant has those too!

Food and Drink

Mont-Tremblant attracts a variety of chefs and restaurants ready to satisfy any palate.  It creates opportunity for local delicacies to combine with international recipes and selections.  Mont-Tremblant has over fifty restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual takeout.  Of course, no food excursion is complete without something to wash it down.  Enjoy libations from a range of bars and saloons, whether you’re in the mood for a pint or a glass of good scotch.

Fat Bike

In Arizona and Utah, bikers go mountain biking, but in Mont-Tremblant there’s a different sort of biking going on; it’s called fat biking.  It’s like mountain biking except riders are flying down mountains filled of snow.  Riders get the thrill of cutting through fresh powder without the need of skis or a snowboard.  Hardcore bikers love the idea that they don’t have to retire their cycles for the winter season.


When you’re in Mont-Tremblant, you’ll want to do as the locals do.  You may think that Montreal is the place to party, yet locals of Mont-Tremblant enjoy letting their hair down too.  There’s a bevy of young singles in the area who love to party at the local bars and clubs in addition to regularly attending outdoor concerts and gatherings.

Dune Buggy

If you’ve visited desert areas, you may have ridden in a dune buggy, but when you’re in Mont-Tremblant, be prepared to rip through the Club Iroquois trails, whether they’re thick with snow and barely passable via other vehicles.  Sure, cruising the area on skis or a snowboard is fun too, but riding in a dune buggy is a truly unique experience.

Dog Sled

Maybe riding in a dune buggy isn’t quite your speed.  How about taking a ride in a traditional dog sled?  Allow a pack of trained dogs to tour you through the countryside.  Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the various rises and declines; the dogs will lead the way.

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