In a perfect world, there would be enough hours in the day, to work, take care of the family and squeeze in an hour at the gym. In reality, we all know however that the daily hour workout is often the first thing that gets sacrificed when chores and responsibilities pile up. This is a shame as there is no better feeling than the after-workout glow, and when you feel your best, you inevitably give your best.

However, that being said – the commute to the gym, the time spent working out and then getting showered, changed and back home, can take a sizable chunk out of your day. Personal training at home is one solution, but this isn’t necessarily feasible on a daily basis. So the other option is to work out at home, with the family. This can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. So, in todays blog, we want to look at exercises you can do on your own or with the kids, and all you need is a bit of floor space. I know that my kids are often quite curious and want to join in, when I give these exercises a go, and the more playful the names, the more they are intrigued!

These four exercises can easily create a 15-minute routine for you to squeeze in to your everyday, and as you master each of these, you can increase the repetitions to make it tougher.

Butterfly Kicks

This exercise is a firm favourite in my household and the name especially makes it incredibly memorable. To complete this exercise, you need to lie flat on the ground, facing up towards the ceiling and gently scissor kick your legs of the ground. Keep your legs straight and as you get better, you will notice you can keep your feet closer to the ground. This exercise really tests your core strength, so don’t fret if this is difficult at first. Remember to hold your abs in tight throughout the exercise and keep your back pressed against the floor, and in time it will get easier.


I’m not making these exercise names up, I promise! A burpee is a great exercise to do with energetic kids, and they really are brilliant at them, so you may find yourself struggling to keep up. Start with doing ten burpees a day and gradually see if you can build this number up. They are an all over body exercise, involving both cardio and core strength and take place in three parts. Start with a low squat and place your hands flat on the ground in front of you. Kick your legs back so you are in a plank position and do a push up. Jump your legs forward again so you are crouching and complete with a jump to the ceiling with your arms extended straight above you. That’s one burpee, and ten of these will really get your heart racing.


Crunches are designed to fight stubborn belly fat, and so are a favourite amongst mums. Lie with your back flat on the floor and bend your knees so they are pointing towards the ceiling. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck and gently curl your chest up towards your knees. Keep your eyes towards the ceiling and see how many you can complete in quick succession. You do not need to sit all the way up to perform a crunch and remember to breathe out on the way up and in on the way down.

Ski Sit

This for me, is one of the easiest exercises to perform in the house and you can do this while brushing your teeth, waiting for the microwave, or whilst watching TV! This exercise will really help to tone the upper thighs and if you can build your time up to three minutes, you really have done well. To perform a ski sit, stand with your back pressed against a wall and lower your bottom as though you are about to sit on a chair. Your legs should be in a perfect 90-degree angle. Hold this position. Start with timing yourself for 30 seconds and add on 10 seconds each time you try this.