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We love games in our household, which is a great way to spend time together as a family and get the kids off their electronics.   Tactic Games has a lot of great games for kids and families, like Choco!

Choco is a wonderfully funny memory game, in which the aim is to collect as many peanuts as possible. The Pop-O-Matic die will display, whether you should pick up a cherry or a peanut. But beware of the green bug – he wants to eat your pieces!  (

This game is for ages 3-7, and it is pretty easy to play.  I like how easy it is to set up – simply place the pieces in a box, or on a table or other surface.

Choco Game

You simply push the popper and you have to match either a cherry or peanut.  If the piece matches, you get to keep it.  And if you flip over a bug, you have to return one of your pieces.

Choco Game

The goal is to collect as many chocolates as possible.

Choco Tactic Games

This is a fun game of luck (if you mix up the pieces when they are placed back down), or you can keep the pieces organized and play a strategic game of memory, trying to remember where each piece was placed.

The kids enjoy this game especially since you can keep the game play short, or play for a longer amount of time.

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