glitter pinecones

My girls love collecting pinecones, so during the holidays we use lots of pinecones for decorating.  This is a simple, easy project which leaves you with some beautiful pinecones.  You can add a string to use as ornaments, set in a bowl as a decoration, or however else you choose to use them.


Pinecones (if you aren’t able to collect your own, craft stores sell them)



White glue

Optional- string


Gather your pinecones.  These can be ones you collected or bought.  We have even used cinnamon pinecones for an added scented bonus!

glitter pinecones

Dip your paintbrush in white glue.  I found that the best method is painting downward from the top, to mimic how snow might look on a tree.

Shake glitter on the wet glue.  I recommend putting your pinecone on a piece of paper when you add the glitter, so you can pour the excess glitter back into the glitter container.

Allow your pinecones to dry thoroughly.  You can get creative, from pinecone ornaments to displaying in a bowl or hurricane glass.

glitter pinecones