This DVD was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

You have probably heard about colony collapse disorder. You may know that bees support most of our food supply. The question is, how can we ensure the bees have a future?

Bee People is about bees and the people that care about them.  With the bee colonies in decline, it is important that there are people who make it their lives’ work to help and protect the bees.  I don’t think enough people realize how imminent this problem is, and not enough people have enough concern to actually proactively help bees.

One of the first adventures Bee People takes you on is a ‘bee rescue’ by the ‘Bee Medic’. The team heads to a home to trap a colony of at least 40,000 bees to transport to a beehive.  Instead of exterminating the bees, the bee experts go through a hard day of work to relocate the colony.  Perhaps not your typical documentary – Bee People really takes you on an adventure, meeting many different people and characters, with both serious moments as well as some very lighthearted ones too.

This movie follows the people who work to try to keep the bee population surviving. In some ways, keeping a hive is easy. You don’t need to tend to it every single day like you would a family pet. Yet you do need to nurture your bee colony.  Some people make beekeeping a business, but others keep a hive in their backyard.

Bee People brings to light that not enough people care about bees and the plight of the bees, or realize how much we will be affected by the bee populations disappearing. That there are many misconceptions, but that it is so easy to help.

For me, the takeaway message was to be inspired! Get the word out there that the bees need our help, whether you help get people educated or even consider getting a hive of your own.  Just released in September 2014, anyone can take a peek into the world of beekeepers.

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This DVD was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.