Homemade Holiday Sugar Scrubs

My kids and I like to make homemade sugar scrubs as gifts for teachers and other people during the holidays.  You can make any scent you like, but our favorites are peppermint and lemongrass.  These are very easy to make!


For each 12 ounces, use:

~ 2.5 cups of granulated sugar

~ 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil

~ essential oil of your choosing in the desired amount (by the drop)

~ small mason jar


Mix until smooth and distribute into mason jars.

Tie a decorative ribbon on each jar.

On the peppermint ones, I dangled a peppermint mini ornament.

For the lemongrass one, you can add a dehydrated lemon slice for decoration.

I covered the lids with a cloth scrap (lemongrass scrub) or a cupcake liner (peppermint scrubs) and some glue. I had some cute scrapbook paper ready to use but decided that I liked my cupcake liners better!


Valerie is a God-fearing coach’s wife and stay at home mom of five bright-eyed little ones.   She is the original founder of A Nation of Moms, a “one-stop shop” blog-azine of resources and advice for all moms who, like Valerie, just needed a little help.