DIY Glass Magnets

This is an easy project to make really cute magnets!  You can make any design you want, and my kids have fun making their own too.

Supplies needed:

~ Mod Podge

~ small paintbrush (cheap one you can throw out if possible – I get these from the dollar store)

~ glass stones (you can find these at craft stores or the dollar store in various sizes – I prefer the larger, flatter glass stones)

~ images on paper that you wish to use (such as scrapbook paper)

~ strong glue

~ strong magnets


Choose your images and glass stones.  Trace around the glass and then cut your paper.  You may have to trim the paper circles, since the glass stones are usually rounded, and you want the paper to fit on the back (and not stick out the sides).

Paint Mod Podge on the back of the glass stone.  I use cheap brushes (I get sets of about a dozen at the dollar store for $1).

DIY Glass Magnets

Place your image on the glass stone.  Briefly press the stone against a flat surface to remove any bubbles.  The Mod Podge will add a white ‘haze’ over your image, but don’t be alarmed – it dries clear – I promise!

DIY Glass Mod Podge Magnets

Allow your glass beads to dry overnight.  You may want to leave them right side up for a little bit to make sure the paper dries flat, but place them on a non-stick surface (like plastic), because you will probably have Mod Podge leaking out the edges, which will cause it to stick to whatever your magnet is sitting on.

DIY glass mod podge magnets

Once the Mod Podge is dry, use a strong glue (such as hot glue) to attach magnets.  I suggest strong magnets, since the glass can be heavy and you don’t want your creations to fall and break.

diy glass magnets

Have fun with your magnets!  We have made quite a few, and these make cute gifts too.

Some of the projects we have made include:

~ use old maps.  You can make a set of magnets showing where you met, married, and live.  Or where your family lives across the US or world.  Be creative!

~ holiday themed magnets

~ kid’s magnets – ABC’s, animals, etc.  You could leave off the magnets and use these for other projects, such as fairy gardens (as long as you don’t get the back/paper wet).

~ because these make cute and easy gifts, tailor them to your recipient.  If they love gardening, find images of flowers.  If they love travel, use maps or images of places they have been.