Tortilla Pizzas

Lately, we have been making a lot of tortilla pizzas.  This is one of those meals that you can make a lot faster than making a real pizza from scratch.  I can easily keep the ingredients on hand, and these are so easy to create – even the kids can help!  No waiting for dough to rise and a long cooking time.  Another thing I love is that this is often a much better portion size than a regular pizza, considering the “thin crust” of a tortilla and because we use small tortillas.  You can fit small tortillas in a toaster oven!


~ Flour tortillas (we use small 6″ tortillas, also sometimes called “Fajita” tortillas)

~ Pizza sauce, pesto, or even marinara sauce!

~ Cheese

~ Toppings (black olives, veggies, etc)


I pan fry the tortillas first, so that they are crispy and not soggy.  To pan fry, I put a very small drizzle of oil in a pan, and fry both sides of the tortilla until it turns golden.  Or, you can bake in the oven to help get it a little crispy.

Add your sauce.  If I don’t have pizza sauce on hand, I use marinara sauce, and kids don’t seem to mind as long as it isn’t too watery.

Tortilla Pizza

Add your cheese and then toppings.  Again, be creative.  Often, we are making tortilla pizzas because we don’t have a lot of ingredients on hand.  I have used everything from mozzarella cheese to taco cheese, and my daughter loves it!

Tortilla Pizza

Bake or broil until cheese is cooked through and as desired.  If you have room in a toaster oven, use that.

Tortilla Pizza

Done in no time! Enjoy!