Natural Deodorant

As a teenager and in my college years, it was easy to use popular antiperspirants.  They were cute, they smelled so good, and they worked really well.  I had nothing to worry about and it wasn’t something I gave much thought.

Later, as I started making healthier choices, I did a lot of research about antiperspirants.  Antiperspirants have been linked to a number of possible health issues, including things like Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, skin irritation and much more.  Although many findings are inconclusive as to dangers of antiperspirants, I still did not want to be putting any chemicals on my skin, many of which are known for being skin irritants.  I wanted to choose natural ingredients over things like aluminum, parabens, fragrance, dyes, propylene glycol, and more.

Over the years, the variety of natural deodorants available has increased quite a bit.  When I was younger, the selection was quite small and often hard to find.  Now, there are so many more products to choose from, and even my local grocery store carries several natural deodorants in their natural foods section.  I do recommend reading labels, because oftentimes companies try to make a product seem natural when that may not entirely be the case.

Type A Deodorant

There are quite a few different kinds of natural deodorants.  One of the products that may come to mind when you think of natural deodorants is a crystal rock deodorant, made from mineral salt.  There are also liquid roll-ons, sticks, or tubs, all made of different types of ingredients.  You can even find recipes online for making your own natural deodorants with ingredients like coconut oil.

It can take some experimenting before you find just the right natural deodorant for you.  Give your body some time to adjust.  Remember that antiperspirant keeps your body from sweating, and deodorant will not.  I tried quite a few deodorants before I found something that worked.  It was difficult, and frustrating, but I persevered and found something that I am entirely happy with, and I feel so much better about not using chemicals on my skin.