The eco friendly alternative to cloth!

Because you’re reading this post, I am assuming that you either already cloth diaper your tots or are interested in possibly doing so. In this case, I will spare you the long (but worthy) explanations on why you should make the switch from disposables and all the benefits for your little one.  What I will tell you is that gDiapers is my new favorite eco-friendly alternative to cloth!  It’s perfect for those of you that are on the fence about making the switch, being torn between the convenience of disposables and the benefits of cloth.  With gDiapers, you can get the best of both worlds!


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What are gDiapers?

gDiapers are a cute and trim 2-part diapering system that fasten around the back (away from those curious little hands). First, find yourself some cute little gPants (the sized reusable diaper cover). Then tuck in your insert, either a reusable gCloth insert (with or without a convenient gCloth flushable liner that lays on top of the insert to catch poopy messes) or a gRefill disposable diaper insert, and Voila!  No pinning, folding or plastic in sight!

How are they different from other diapers?

You mean aside from being 100% ecodorable?

  • They are the only diaper with disposing options – you can flush, compost or toss it!  Compostable diapers? Really?  It’s true!  The wet-only gRefills break down in typically 50-150 days in home composts.  Alternatively, you can flush them.
  • Their gRefills are the only diaper to be certified 100% biodegradable and to be certified Cradle to Cradle.
  • The inside pouch of the gPants is made with the unique gBreathe technology to keep baby cool, dry and diaper rash free.
  • gDiapers, a Portland-based family-centered company with roots in Australia, has a great philosophy.

gCloth Inserts, Liners and gRefills – Say what?

If you are new to cloth, all this diaper insert talk all might sound like a foreign language.  So let me break it down for you.  You have 2 options when using gDiapers, the reusable insert or the disposable insert. You an also make the reusable option slightly more disposable by using the disposable liner when you have more than just a wet diaper.

  • gCloth Insert: A 4-layer reusable cloth insert that tucks inside littlegPants diaper covers.  When soiled, throw away and rinse any “messes”, wash, dry and reuse.  They come in two sizes: Small (fits small little gPants) or Medium/Large/XL (fits medium, large and extra large little gPants).
  • gCloth Liner: A soft and perfectly-sized flushable liner that lays on tops of the cloth insert to capture poopy messes (wetness passes through to and is absorbed by the insert).  This means you don’t have to rinse your insert before washing it.  Hooray!
  • gRefill: An absorbent and disposable diaper insert that tucks inside little gPants.  When soiled, simply flush, toss or compost the insert and reuse the gPants with a new insert.  This makes the gDiaper most like the disposable diapers we are accustomed to. They come in two sizes: Small (fits tiny and small little gPants) or Medium/Large/XL (fits medium, large and extra large little gPants).

Use the reusable or the disposable insert exclusively, or buy some of both and go back and forth when it’s convenient.  Whatever floats your boat.  Either way you choose, it’s good for baby.

What are they made of?

I added this in for those label scrutinizers like myself…

  • Little gPants are 92% cotton and 8% spandex for a gentle stretch and trim fit. The waterproof snap-in pouch is made of a breathable nylon.
  • The disposable, USA-made inserts are made of cellulose rayon, fluffed wood pulp, and super absorber. The cellulose rayon and fluffed wood pulp comes from FSC certified softwood, sustainably grown and harvested. Super absorber is sodium polyacrylate (SAP) and is a green and non-toxic water absorbing polymer. They are breathable and hypoallergenic, and contain no elemental chlorine, perfumes, dyes or smell.
  • The reusable gDiapers cloth inserts are made of 2 layers of baby-soft polyester microfleece to draw moisture away from baby and 2 layers of hemp/cotton to trap wetness.

How many do I need to make the switch to full-time gDiapering?

After the initial newborn phase, little ones generally require about 8-10 diaper changes per day. Therefore, you will need about 6-8 gPants in each size per child, 2 pouches for each pair of gPants, and some inserts.  If you use the disposable inserts, a case should last you about a month.  For the cloth inserts, you will need about 18-24 per child if you will be exclusively using these.  They also offer bundles to help you get started the easy way.

Ready to see some fluffy cuteness?  I thought so!  The little gPants come in a variety of bright solids and adorable prints in sizes to fit newborns all the way up through the potty training years (Tiny – XL).


TRY IT! Ready to give them a try?  gDiapers are available online and in stores.


Valerie is a God-fearing coach’s wife and stay at home mom of five bright-eyed little ones.   She is the original founder of A Nation of Moms, a “one-stop shop” blog-azine of resources and advice for all moms who, like Valerie, just needed a little help.