Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, Vermont

We travel through Vermont frequently, and recently stayed in the Ludlow area.  Buttermilk Falls is a popular attraction there, especially in the summertime, for its beautiful falls and swimming holes.

The falls are easy to find, right off Route 103 on Buttermilk Falls Road.  As you travel down the road, you will see pull offs on the side of the road.  We arrived around 9 on a Sunday morning, and we could see cars starting to line up.

Buttermilk Falls Ludlow Vermont

There are three parts to the falls – lower, middle, and upper.  We had no trouble finding the many paths and trails meandering through the woods from the road and to each of the falls.  We went after some rain and some of the slopes and rocks were slippery, so just watch your step especially if you wear something like flip-flops (versus sturdy shoes).  While much of the terrain is easy to navigate, there are some rocks, roots, and slopes to travel over.

Buttermilk Falls Ludlow Vermont

At the beginning of the trail (the first pulloff areas closer to the bottom of the falls), there is a trailhead type kiosk where there is information about Buttermilk Falls, including a map and water testing.

We went the morning after a rainstorm, and the kiosk sign recommends not entering the water 24 hours after there is heavy rain because of elevated e. coli levels.  It had been pretty stormy the night before so we decided against going in the water, even though we had originally planned on checking out the swimming holes.

~ Lower Falls ~

Lower Buttermilk Falls Ludlow Vermont

~ Middle Falls ~

Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, Vermont

~ Upper Falls ~

Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, Vermont

The distance between the falls is not far at all, so the kids had no problem “hiking” between them, and enjoyed exploring the surrounding nature.  It was a little buggy when we were there, so plan on bringing some bug spray.

Buttermilk Falls Ludlow Vermont

The falls were very pretty and looks like it is a fun place to swim, so we will definitely be back.

Buttermilk Falls Ludlow Vermont

Things to bring:

~ bug spray

~ sunscreen

~ swimsuit or shorty (wetsuit)

~ water shoes

~ camera