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Trailblaze Slackline
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My daughter went to rock-climbing camp last year, and they had so many cool things for kids to climb on (in addition to the rock walls).  One of the things she had a lot of fun with was a slackline, and it never occurred to me that we could have our own – so needless to say I was very excited to get the TrailBlaze Slackline kit right as we were getting some nice spring weather to test it out!

Although I was excited, I had no idea how thrilled the kids would be!  They couldn’t wait for me to set up the lines and get started.

This kit comes with the slackline – which is like a flat rope.  It also comes with a training line, which is a little thinner and gives you something to hold on to.  Setup was pretty easy, and I had no problem following the simple page of illustrated instructions.  Basically for the slackline, you loop each side around a tree trunk, then attach together with a ratchet.

Trailblaze Slackline

The kit comes with two tree guards, and although our trees don’t seem particularly big to me, the guards came just a few inches short of wrapping all the way around the tree (so the tree was still protected, but I had to have someone hold the guard in place while I got the slackline situated – not a big deal).  I am glad to have the tree guards for the tree, but also to protect the slackline from tree sap, being as I use these on my blue spruce trees.  The training lines (which don’t come with a guard) have gotten a bunch of sap on them.

Trailblaze Slackline

The recommended height is at least 50 cm / ~ 20 inches.  I put the slackline probably just over a foot above the ground, which seemed perfect for the kids (especially my youngest who is just over 40 lbs).  It doesn’t get pushed down to the ground, and the littler kids are ok even if they fall.

Trailblaze Slackline

The training line has been a must as well.  Not only does it allow the kids to use it as a guide, they can also have fun doing “tricks”, like sitting on the slackline or bouncing.

Trailblaze Slackline

Check out how much fun the kids have been having with this slackline!

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