Silk Plants Direct ~ Vanda Orchid Review

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

I have always been someone who vowed they would never buy fake flowers.  But after perusing Silk Plants Direct, there were so many plants I wanted that it took me by surprise, and took quite some time to decide!  I love houseplants, and I have a lot of them, which means having to take care of them too.  And when I’m not caring for my house plants, I’m doing my best to make sure our cat doesn’t eat them and destroy them.  A silk plant means one less plant I actually have to care for!
Silk Plants Direct carries so many plants, from trees and shrubs to succulents, herbs, and more.  There are literally hundreds of orchids alone!  So many options that I spent at least an hour looking through all the choices, comparing sizes, colors, types, and arrangements.  I chose the Vanda Orchid because I loved the color and the arrangement.
 Silk Plants Direct Orchid
A perfect fit for busy households, this Vanda Orchid with its natural and colorful presence, it will take your breath away. From light furnishings to dark accents our artificial floral arrangement will fit in perfectly. Measuring 24″ x 14″ x 6″, these silk flowers can be arranged with other flowers and do not require daily upkeep. 
The Vanda Orchid arrived very carefully packaged, much like a real plant.  In fact, it came in a box just like it would from a florist.  Although there were a few pieces of loose moss (due to rough handling during shipping), the plant was beautiful right out of the box.
 Silk Plants Direct Orchid
This orchid comes arranged with a piece of driftwood, which is one of the reasons I chose it.  I thought the wood was a unique touch and made it stand out.
Silk Plants Direct Orchid
The leaves and stems all have wires in them, allowing you to situate them how you like.  I straightened the orchid leaves a little bit and turned the main stalk to the side a little bit to make it look more natural and so that I could see the driftwood.
I love that this plant has some “buds” on it as well, which I think makes it look more natural.
 Silk Plants Direct Orchid
I love the pot and the moss around the base of the plant.

Silk Plants Direct Orchid

Overall, this is a beautiful plant and brings a splash of great color into my family room, which definitely needed something to brighten it. I put the orchid in a spot that doesn’t get good sunlight and was looking drab, and where I couldn’t put a real plant anyway due to the lack of sun.

I am impressed with this plant and there are so many other plants that I would love to have in my home!  The possibilities are endless, wherever you might want a beautiful plant, whether it is for your home or you have a business.  These plants are also available in sets which I think would be great as wedding centerpieces or favors.

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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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