Shooting a wedding video has many nuances. Capturing the couple’s Big Day on camera requires both artistry and skill. From directing to editing, every step in creating a wedding film involves careful planning and execution. 

Here, we will examine the shooting styles and look at the three most advantageous ones for capturing a Special Day. Sticking to one that best suits your couple’s spirit can help you impress your clients and demonstrate your abilities.

Cinematic approach

Let’s start with the cinematic shooting style. With dramatic perspectives, sweeping camera motions, and creative framing, this method approaches the wedding video like a Hollywood blockbuster. You’ll have to bring out your inner Spielberg to pull off this look.

  • Smooth, elegant camera motions may be achieved with a slider or gimbal.
  • To produce photographs that are visually arresting, try out several viewpoints and angles.
  • Master the art of composition, framing your subjects in a way that tells a story within each shot.

Keep in mind that even the most famous love tales have private, solitary moments. To capture the unfiltered feelings of the day, don’t be scared to incorporate elegant close-ups and candid frames.

Documentary approach

Conversely, a more realistic, fly-on-the-wall approach is embraced by the documentary style. Imagine reality TV, just with a lot less drama. Here, the idea is to document the day as it happens, unscripted and uncensored.

  • Get a good shotgun mic so you can record vows and emotional toasts.
  • Learn to blend in with the backdrop so that you may capture unguarded moments without interfering with the action.
  • Be ready to adjust to shifting circumstances, and constantly be on the lookout for impromptu wonderful moments.

A documentary is not boring at all. Enhance the overall visual storytelling by adding artistic b-roll shots, experimenting with slow-motion sequences, and experimenting with depth of focus.

Hybrid approach

Can’t decide between cinematic and documentary? Why not pair the best of both styles? Such an approach combines the artistry of cinematic techniques with the raw authenticity of documentary filming.

  • Plan out a few key cinematic sequences, like the first look or the couple’s grand entrance, to capture with all the dramatic flair they deserve.
  • But don’t neglect the unscripted moments that make each wedding truly unique.
  • Strike a balance between stylized and spontaneous, crafting a video that feels both polished and genuine.

No matter which shooting style you choose, the key is to stay flexible and ready to catch those fleeting moments that make each wedding day truly memorable. 

Wedding video editing

The final frontier is the editing suite. You can buckle up and dive into the process. Or you can leave this part to professional video editors you trust. The ultimate skill in video editing is striking the ideal balance between technical mastery and artistic vision. It’s a delicate dance that needs endurance, perseverance, and a commitment until your movie is ready to see the world. And it’s a task best left to experts.