Choosing the right vaping device is key. With so many options, it can get overwhelming, but don’t worry! Start by identifying your needs. If you want something user-friendly, look at pod systems or vape pens, which are perfect for beginners. Battery life is important, too—make sure it can last through your day. Remember, no single device suits everyone. Try different models and brands to find your perfect match. Do your research to avoid any disappointments.

So you’re thinking about taking up vaping, huh? It’s a journey I’ve been through myself, and let me tell you, it’s not as simple as just swapping your traditional cigarette for an e-cig. There are pitfalls to avoid and best practices to follow.

WAKA soPro DM8000i

Let’s dive into the specifics of the WAKA soPro DM8000i. This device is a standout with its dual mesh technology, delivering double the vape clouds for a richer experience.

Contents The WAKA soPro DM8000i package includes everything you need to start:

  • One WAKA soPro DM8000i device
  • Pre-filled with Jasmine Icy flavor, among other options
  • Digital display for monitoring e-juice levels, battery life, and dual mesh mode status

Ensure you check all components upon unboxing to confirm everything is in perfect condition.


Here’s why the WAKA soPro DM8000i is a top choice:

  • Dual Mesh Technology: Enhances vapor production and flavor.
  • Digital Display: Keeps you informed about e-juice levels, battery life, and mode status.
  • Adjustable Power Modes: Customize your vaping experience with two power settings.
  • High Nicotine Content: 18mg/ml for a satisfying hit.
  • Long-lasting Use: Up to 8,000 puffs from a 14ml capacity.

Enjoy the soothing floral scent and the crisp taste reminiscent of premium milk tea brews with the Jasmine Icy flavor. Plus, don’t miss the current 18% off sale and the 20% off bundle offer!

Usage Tips

Finally, let me share some handy tips on how to make the most out of your new RELX Pod Starter Kit:

  1. Charge Your Device Fully Before Using: Although it arrives charged, I recommend giving it another full charge cycle.
  2. Store Pods Properly: Keep unused pods sealed in their original packaging at room temperature until ready for use.
  3. Clean Regularly: Use a dry cloth or paper towel to clean around the mouthpiece regularly.

By following these guidelines, you’re set for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience with the RELX Pod Starter Kit.

E-Liquid Considerations

Picking the Wrong Nicotine Strength

E-liquids with the wrong nicotine strength are often chosen. If excessively high, it may cause a hard throat hit and addiction. If it’s too low, you may not be satisfied and return to smokes. Thus, discovering your nicotine strength sweet spot is essential for a smoother smoking-to-vaping transition.

Not Refilling the Tank Enough

Underfilling your tank can also cause problems. The wick inside your vape must stay moist to draw in enough e-liquid each time you puff. If there isn’t enough liquid in the tank, this could result in what vapers refer to as a “dry hit,” which tastes burnt and can damage your device.

Expiration Date

Like food items, e-liquids have an expiration date! Using expired vape juice won’t necessarily harm you, but it definitely will affect its taste and potency negatively. Always check for expiration dates before purchase, and try to store them for at most one or two years.

Proper Vaping Technique

Taking Hard Puffs

I’ve seen newbies puffing hard like they’re smoking a cigarette, but vaping is different! Hard puffs can lead to a nasty ‘dry puff’ that tastes burnt. Instead, take slow and gentle draws—it’s much smoother and more enjoyable.

Vaping Immediately After Refilling a Tank

You might think your vape is ready to go right after refilling the tank but hold up! If you start vaping immediately, the wick inside might not have soaked up the juice properly. This can lead to those nasty dry hits or even damage your coil. Here’s a tip: after refilling, give it about 10 minutes before you start vaping again. Patience is key!

Not Staying Hydrated

Vaping can dehydrate you because propylene glycol, a common e-liquid ingredient, absorbs water from your surroundings, including your mouth. Many beginners only realize this once they get a dry mouth or throat. To counter this, drink plenty of water while vaping—it helps with dehydration and enhances the flavor of your vape juice. And don’t forget to check the expiration dates on your e-liquids, as using expired juice can negatively affect your experience and pose health risks.

Maintenance and Care

Not Changing the Coils

The coil is crucial for your vape device as it heats the e-liquid to produce vapor. Over time, residue builds up on the coil, causing a burnt taste and potential damage if ignored. Regular users should replace coils every one to two weeks. I once forgot to change mine, and the result was a harsh, awful-tasting hit that ruined my session. Don’t let this happen to you!

Not Keeping Items Clean

Keeping your vape clean isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also crucial for ensuring optimal performance. If debris or leftover liquid builds up within any vape component (such as the tank), it could lead to leaks or other malfunctions.

Carrying Your E-Cigarette in Your Pocket

Storing your e-cigarette in your pocket might seem handy, but it can lead to accidental activation, overheating, burns, or even explosions! Plus, lint and debris can clog your device. I learned this the hard way! Instead, store it upright in a dedicated case or compartment. Remember, your vaping experience depends on the care you give your device. Avoid these common mistakes for a smoother, safer vape.

Social Etiquette

Vaping in Someone’s Face

Here’s the deal: don’t blow vape clouds in people’s faces. Just like you wouldn’t appreciate a face full of cigarette smoke, others feel the same about your vapor. Only some people get vaping, and even if they do, it’s still intrusive. So, aim your exhale away from others, especially in tight spaces. When in doubt, ask if it’s okay to vape. And remember, using expired e-liquids can leave a bad impression, too. Keep it fresh and considerate!


Starting vaping? Avoid these common mistakes to keep your experience enjoyable and safe. Trust me, I’ve been there! Make sure to choose the right device and get the correct nicotine strength. Remember to keep your tank filled and always stay hydrated. Remember to change your coils regularly and keep your device clean. And whatever you do, don’t store your vape in your pocket or blow clouds in someone’s face. Happy vaping, and keep it classy!