Whether you own your own home or rent the roof over your head, taking care of the place is important. 

We all know that our weekly and monthly clean-ups are important for maintaining order and hygiene in our homes, but what about those bigger, more tedious tasks that we tend to put off for months, or even years?

The bad news is that, yup, you really need to do them. The good news is that doing them on a scheduled basis will help you reduce those emergency repairs! Here are a few home maintenance tasks to stop putting off before they become a real problem. 

Cleaning Out Your Attic

First of all, how many of us ever really venture into the attic? It’s a space that can so easily be forgotten and neglected, but it’s really a breeding ground for issues like pests, leaks, and structural issues. 

For many of us, this is simply too big a task to worry about, so working with professionals like Attic Pros might be in your best interests. Your attic should be cleaned out, inspected, and checked for pests at least once a year to avoid infestations and other potential hazards like mould or leaks. Once it’s done, it’s done! 

Gutter Cleaning

Yet another one that’s so much easier to simply ignore. However, especially with seasons changing, your gutters can get clogged up with leaves and other gunk without you even realising it. 

Not only does blockage increase the risk of water damage to your home, but it can also create an intriguing nest option for pests you absolutely don’t want in your space! Make sure to clean out your gutters at least every quarter, but preferably more often if you want to avoid issues. Use a ladder to get up there, remove any gunk, and flush them through with water to make sure everything is flowing properly. 

Inspecting Windows and Doors

Energy efficiency should be important to you for a number of reasons – protecting the environment, managing your bills, and optimising your comfort! You might not realise it but the sealing on your doors and windows plays a pivotal role here, which is why they should be checked often. 

Every few months, take a few moments to feel around the edges of your windows and doors and check for drafts coming in. Gaps can be sealed quickly and easily with some caulk, and this shouldn’t take you long at all but will help reduce your heating and cooling expenses drastically! 

Changing HVAC Filters

Finally, for the sake of your health (if nothing else) remember to check and replace your HVAC filters on a regular basis! This is a chore we all put off for far too long, and it can be really detrimental to our health and our pockets. 

Your heating and cooling systems need clean and working filters in order to operate as they should. Replacing them as needed will ensure that the air quality in your home is healthy, and will help keep your energy bills under control too.