It’s no secret that lack of sleep can have a profound effect on health and happiness. Unfortunately, the coming summer heat can seriously hinder one’s ability to sleep well. The problem is only compounded for hot sleepers, who tend to suffer night sweats and general discomfort when the temperature rises. The good news is that investing in premium bedsheets can go a long way toward keeping sleepers cool and cozy regardless of the weather outside. In particular, research shows that Egyptian cotton sheets are ideal for promoting a comfortable sleep environment year round. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Egyptian cotton bedding and discover which Pure Parima sheet collection is right for you. 

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Whether you suffer from night sweats or simply reside in a warm part of the country, it’s important to choose your bedding products with care. Egyptian cotton sheets are favorite among hot sleepers, as it’s more porous than other fibers. At once light and breathable, Egyptian cotton sheets allow heat and moisture to pass right through rather than building up on skin. So sleepers don’t have to worry about waking up in unpleasantly damp bedding. And because the material is crisp and fresh-feeling, it’s a great option for those who prefer a cooler bed. 

When selecting bedding, customers should also consider fabric weave. A great option for sweltering summer nights, percale cotton is crafted with a one over, one under weave. This option results in a clean feel ideal for hot, muggy weather. Prefer a silkier bedding option? It’s hard to beat the breathable comfort of sateen, with its three over, one under pattern. Sateen will also keep sleepers warmer if they have a partner who likes to crank the air conditioning.

Top Egyptian Cotton Sheets at Pure Parima

The good news is Pure Parima has plenty of bedding options in its online shop, so there’s sure to be something perfect for every sleeper. Here are some of the most popular styles currently available in multiple sizes and styles. 

Ultra Sateen Sheet Set

A newer addition to the Pure Parima family, the Ultra Sateen Sheet Set is a cool, clean bedding collection ideally suited to summertime. Featuring simple, single needle stitching and clean lines, this set is crafted from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton that maintains its softness and shine no matter how many times you wash it. The collection comes in plenty of summer hues, including Ivory and Icy Blue. Customers can choose from sizes queen, king, and California king for this set, which comes complete with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two matching pillowcases. 

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Love the feel of silk but want to enjoy all the benefits of cotton bedding? The Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet set is a natural choice. The softest and most supple bedding set available in our store, Triple Luxe sheets are made from hand-picked Egyptian cotton and feature sumptuous triple-embroidered stitching. The end result is a silky, opaque bedding product with a delightful sateen weave. The set features a creamy white background with a subtle stripe pattern that’s available in multiple hues. Choose from Arctic, Gold, Ocean, and other on-trend options. 

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

For those seeking the ultimate in cooling summer comfort, we suggest ordering the Ultra Percale Sheet Set before temperatures skyrocket. Crafted from elegant matte percale and featuring the classic one over, one under weave, this set is known to stay crisp and cool year round. Boasting extra-long staple Egyptian cotton fibers and a timeless design, this set is available in beloved neturals like White, Bone, Slate, and Carbon, meaning it will go well with any existing bedding products. Customers can choose from sizes twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king, making it a great choice for the primary bedroom and other rooms in the home. 

Choosing a Pillowcase

Of course, cooling sheets aren’t enough to keep sleepers cozy throughout the summer. Considering a large amount of heat is lost through the head, pillowcases can also have a strong effect on nighttime temperatures. The good news is our Egyptian cotton pillowcases offer the same moisture wicking coolness and breathability as our beloved sheets. 

Additionally, pillowcases made from long-staple Egyptian cotton have the benefit of being gentle on hair and skin. Recognizing that the wrong pillowcase can cause hair breakage, rashes, and acne, we craft our pillows from certified Egyptian cotton manufactured without harmful substances or chemicals. A great option for hot sleepers and those with sensitive skin, the Yalda Pillowcase Set is a favorite among our shoppers. At once soft, smooth, and delightfully cool to the touch, our Yalda cases feel like silk while offering all of cotton’s many benefits. Featuring double-hem stitching and our signature envelope closure, the Yalda Sets come in packs of two and are available in a range of hues. Choose from shades like Linen, Spa, Soft Peach, and Olive among others. Yalda Pillowcases come in both standard and king sizes. We recommend picking up a spare set for your guest room, so visitors to the home can have their choice when it comes to sleep products. 

Discover the Benefits of Great Sleep

At Pure Parima, all our high-end bedding products are certified for purity by the Cotton Egypt Association. To that end, customers can rest assured that their bedding is made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton and no substitutes. Additionally, our sheets, pillowcases, and duvets bear the OEKO-TEX seal, meaning they’re manufactured free from harmful substances and chemicals. So you can feel confident about the place where your loved ones are laying their heads. Shop our new arrivals today and start discovering how good healthful sleep can feel.