We all know that the saying “bigger is better” seems to be true about diamonds. However, does this apply to diamond anniversary rings?

Undoubtedly, marriage anniversaries are one of the most beautiful traditions. A diamond ring is given as a gift after years spent together in love. It is a measly piece of shiny rock mounted on the ring and symbolizes eternal love. Still, given its sentimental and emotional value, is size really important? Let’s find out.

Understanding the Diamond Size

Carats are commonly used to measure diamonds, but they measure weight rather than actual size. Normally, more carats mean a bigger diamond, but there can be exceptions. Diamonds cut well often look larger than they weigh.

In addition, other shapes, such as oval or marquise-shaped diamonds, appear bigger due to their elongated structure. Consequently, carat weight doesn’t necessarily mean a larger diamond.

The Value of Size in a Diamond

Determining how much money you will get for your diamond depends on how big it is. Those stones with higher carat weights are harder to find, thus making them more expensive and valuable. However, the diamond prices cannot be solely determined by its size alone. Its color, clarity, and cut also contribute to its Four Cs.

A smaller diamond with flawless clarity, high color grade, and superior cut becomes a lot more expensive than a large, poorer-quality one.

The Impact of Diamond Sizes

While size can add monetary value and impact the appearance of a diamond to some extent, the overall look and feel also count. According to jewelry experts across the United States, it is not just about the size of the diamond. It is the design of the ring, setting, and cut quality that makes it beautiful.

When choosing the perfect diamond wedding rings, remember that it’s not only a matter of the quality and cut of stone but also how well everything fits together. The ring should align with your loved one’s preferred style and match the shape of their hand. 

Making the Decision

In the end, when choosing the size of a diamond in an anniversary ring, it should be based on personal taste, preference, and financial liability.

If your loved one loves bling and flash or follows trends where size matters, perhaps a bigger diamond would be perfect. Yet if they like subtly elegant designs focusing more on details, then a smaller brilliant-cut diamond can also leave a lasting impression.

Your budget also matters. Select a diamond that best combines the 4Cs and aligns with your budget. 


Undoubtedly, a diamond’s size can indeed affect its value and appearance. But it isn’t the most important factor when determining a ring’s worth. What counts most is the unchanging commitment that comes with a diamond anniversary ring. After all, love isn’t counted in carats but in fond memories. So, when shopping for a diamond anniversary ring, just go where your heart takes you, and you will find the right gem.