Asian men with thick dark hair have an enormous array of Asian hairstyles men options. There is a cut that suits the individual tastes and needs of every Asian man ranging from a more sober Caesar cut to an edgy samurai bun.

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We have put together the ultimate list of the top Asian hairstyles men to make your decision easier. All set, let’s go!

1. Asian Hairdo With An Edge

    Asian hair is thick and manageable so you can wear it in a variety of ways to showcase your amazing natural texture and distinct sense of style. If you want to make a chic statement, this edgy faux hawk, temple fade, and minimalist hairstyle might be just what you need. 

    2. Asian Men’s Curtain Hairstyle

      Asian hairstyles men from the 1990s continue to be popular today. The good news is that Asian men’s thick hair makes it possible to effortlessly pull off the classic boy’s band hairstyles of the 1990s with little effort. To guarantee the ideal shape, simply brush your damp hair in the appropriate directions and do a quick blast with a blow dryer. 

      3. Crew Haircut

        A traditional crew cut might be your best bet if you’re searching for a low-maintenance Asian hairstyles men who still looks put together and fashionable. This is a very versatile option that looks good on all hair types and is appropriate for every age. 

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        4. Hairstyle With a Fringe and Texture

          You may not always need to go for a short crop even though Asian hairs excessive thickness may give you bad days. Getting your hair layered is one way to combat the problem of thick hair. To make your hair stand out, think about getting a straight fringe as well. 

          5. Asian Curly Haircut

            Should you belong to the group of Asian men who possess thick, naturally curly hair, you might consider getting a longer top to showcase your incredible texture. Additionally, curling or perming your hair never hurts. For the entire thing to appear even more amazing, think about adding a design and using a taper fade to create contrast. 

            6. Textured Bowl with Bleach Finish

              Even though Asian hairstyles men are available in a wide range of shapes and lengths, you can always use color to give your hair a distinctive appearance. It may take some time to dye thick, dark Asian hair blonde, but the results are worth it if you want to draw attention. 

              7. Asian Men’s Hairstyle with Extended Length

                Asian hairstyles men can look really good like this unkempt ear-length cut with a digital perm. This hairstyle strikes the ideal balance between being long and short, giving it a stylish yet comfortable look. To create the perfect combination that fits your own style, you may try the parting or, rather add the undercut. 

                8. Fine Hair Loner Top Cut. 

                  It’s easier to style fine or thin hair, but you might want more volume. With the right highlighting, it’s actually quite easy to achieve. Your hair will appear more voluminous when you add highlights because they give it more depth and dimension. 


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                  9. Asian Men’s Short Cut

                    Even though a longer top and faded sides cut is a popular go-to there are still many variations of this style you can choose from to get a distinctive look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Consider a drop fade for instance Asian men find it especially attractive. 

                    10. Asian Men’s Romantic Hairstyle

                      If going long hair isn’t your thing, lets go for a medium-length style that will appeal to ladies and be both romantic and not too sugarcoated. Wear your hair parted to the side or brushed back a light mousse will hold it in place without making your hair feel sticky or stiff. 

                      11. High-Definition with Design

                        Even though Asian hair looks great with fade haircuts, you can always go one step further and add a design to give the fade some extra flair. You have so many options because you can use shaved lines to create any kind of pattern. 

                        12. Back-Brushed Hair

                          Numerous Asian hairstyles men that suit all head shapes and personality types can be achieved with Asian hair. Take into consideration this daring cut with long hair on top if you have a free-spirited and wild personality. The hairstyle undercut at the temple and brushed-back hair all combine to create an extremely ferocious appearance.