Dogs and humans have a long history of companionship; some archaeological evidence suggests that we have been domesticating them since 30,000 years ago. They bring us comfort, love, and joy; hence, it’s crucial to understand how we can comfort them when they are in pain. 

Factors like changes in day-to-day routine, extremely noisy environments, underlying diseases, old age, injury, long hours of playing, dental issues, and more can lead to discomfort and painful experiences for your canine companion. 

One popular method to bring pain levels down in dogs is to give them CBD oil, which is scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory and healing properties. You can choose CBD dog oil here for the best results. 

You may also opt for music therapy, comfort clothing, and many other methods, which we will discuss in this article. So buckle up and read on to find out the best ways to comfort a dog in pain.

Ways To Comfort A Dog In Pain

What Are The Signs Of Pain In Dogs?

Dogs can express discomfort and pain in many ways, depending on what’s the underlying cause behind it. Let’s take a look at the most common symptoms : 

  • Excessive sleeping, low energy levels, and laziness
  • No enthusiasm for outdoor activities like walks, runs, hikes, or swimming
  • Hiding under furniture, avoiding social mingling
  • Loss of appetite, and decrease in water intake
  • Changes in urination pattern and bowel movements 
  • Excessive panting, barking, and coughing
  • Limping, excessive biting, or licking in a certain area
  • Changes in voice, increased whipping, and yelping
  • Change in sitting and standing postures frequently
  • Excessive limping and restlessness
  • Increase in aggressive behavior and growling
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Breathing pattern changes
  • Frequent rest stops on regular walking routes

It’s necessary to actively keep an eye out for such symptoms so that you can identify the problem at early stages and take all the necessary precautions. Now let’s look at the best 7 methods that can provide comfort to a dog in pain.

  1. Include CBD In Food

One of the best ways to comfort a dog in pain is to give them CBD oil. It works on their endocannabinoid system and can help to calm down and relax. 

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can curb the pain and swelling caused by conditions like osteoarthritis. The best way is to mix a few drops of CBD oil in your dog’s food so that its odd taste and scent get masked by the food’s aroma. 

If your dog is well-trained and feels comfortable holding it, then you can also drop the oil directly into its mouth. Another more convenient method is to give CBD-infused treats or chews, which you can easily get from online brands these days.

  1. Create A Comfortable Resting Spot

Proper sleep, rest, and relaxation are essential for dogs to recover from pain caused by surgery, sickness, or any other reason. You can provide them comfort by creating a safe, relaxing spot for them. 

You can opt for a variety of options; for example, these days, you can get your dog extra-squishy and fluffy beds, which are great to sleep in. They work best for dogs suffering from joint pain or other mobility issues, and they may also provide peaceful relaxation after surgery. 

Dogs who also spend a lot of time lying around due to sickness or lethargy can find comfort in thick beds that apply firm pressure to sore points. You can also opt for cooling mats; they help to bring the temperature down after long walks and may also provide relief from itchiness.

  1. Bring Them Special Toys

Dogs sometimes need a distraction to feel better when they’re upset, stressed, or in pain. Giving them fun toys is a great way to keep their mind off their troubles while playing. Some dogs really like chewing toys and fake bones they can chomp on hard. 

Chewing allows them to release stress and stay busy. Other dogs prefer soft, cuddly plush toys to snuggle and squeeze. Having a toy that fits what they enjoy can provide a much-needed distraction from whatever is bothering them.

  1. Give Them Massage 

Gentle massages can soothe a dog’s aches and pains. Rubbing their muscles with caring hands provides relief from discomfort. Some dogs love having their backs and shoulders kneaded to relax tense areas. 

Others prefer having their legs and paws massaged to ease stiffness. Using a mild touch and avoiding sensitive spots helps make massage time an enjoyable experience. The calming motions and skin contact create a relaxing bond between the dog and the owner.

  1. Take Them For Exercise 

When a dog is feeling some sort of discomfort, getting them outside can really help. Fresh air and fun activities take their mind off the pain. For some dogs, a nice calm walk around the block is perfect. They can sniff all the new smells and stretch their legs. 

More energetic dogs may prefer a game of fetch to run and play hard. Or a trip to the dog park to let them hang out with other dogs and socialize in a new place. 

No matter what outdoor thing they do, it gives them something to focus on besides hurting and helps in creating soothing memories.

  1. Be With Them 

Just being there with your dog can bring them lots of comfort when they’re not feeling well. Dogs take cues from our behavior, so your calm presence helps reassure them. Gently petting them while sitting nearby lets them know you’re close. 

Speaking in a soft, soothing voice shows you care about how they feel. If you stay relaxed, they’ll sense that and start to feel more at ease too. Your furry friend will take comfort in the bond you share. Having a loving human companion can mean everything when a dog is sick or in pain.

  1. Consult With A Good Vet

When your dog isn’t feeling right, the best way is to take them to a good pet doctor. Experienced vets know how to look for signs that something’s wrong. They can check your pup over carefully to find any issues. 

If they spot symptoms of an illness or injury, they can give the right medications right away. Getting treatment started early is really important for helping dogs feel better fast. The vet can also advise on special foods, exercises, or home care to keep your furry friend comfortable.


To sum it up, you can opt for a variety of methods to comfort your dog when they are in pain. For day-to-day anxiety and pain-related issues, you may add some CBD oil to your dog’s food oil and massage their achy joints. 

You can also use special ortho beds, harnesses, and toys, which are designed to apply firm pressure on pain points. Just make sure to always be on the lookout for symptoms like excessive panting, restlessness, aggression, or a change in appetite, as these are the major symptoms dogs express when they are in pain. 

Just try to be with them in their hard times, get them proper treatment, and create a safe space so that your dog can recover better and feel comfortable. Always consult the vet, and don’t delay in getting the treatment. Also, if you decide to give your dog CBD oil, make sure that it’s sourced from reputable vendors like Colorado Botanicals.