Decluttering and organizing your home is a daunting task. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and staring down all that stuff can make even the most organized mom question her sanity.

Online guides are great resources to help you get started, but one part of almost every guide can throw a wrench in the works: it’s the step where you divide up your junk into what to trash, what to recycle, and what to donate.

By the time you’ve cleaned out every room, you’re ready to wash your hands of the whole mess. 

But don’t give up and toss everything in the trash yet! Instead, bring in the experts: a junk removal service. Not just the big trucks that help empty hoarder houses, junk removal teams are well-versed in what to recycle, what to donate, and what to toss.  

Read on to learn why and how you should enlist a professional junk removal service that will help you organize your family home and simplify your deep cleaning. 

Find the Right Service

When you take on major cleaning and organization of your home, you may plan to get rid of everything on your own. You’ll use your neighborhood trash service to haul away all the trash and unusable items, and you’ll load up the family car and lug your donations to various secondhand stores. 

While that could save you money, it costs time and energy. Plus, you may run into some problems.

First, residential garbage pickup may not take a large amount of trash. Municipalities in North Carolina, for instance, require all trash to fit into bins. If you have more, you’ll end up with bags of trash waiting weeks for their turn to be tossed.

Second, large items like old furniture typically require a separate scheduled pickup. Some companies include that in their neighborhood services, while others charge a separate fee. 

If you’re opting not to trash your old furniture but donate it instead, you’ll have to load it up and haul it to a local donation center or consignment shop. And even if a donation center is taking dropoffs, some of your items may be rejected. 

A huge cleanout means multiple trips back and forth. Instead, you could schedule a donation pickup from your house. Unfortunately many pickup services can’t take large items that require more than one person to lift. Occasionally they don’t even take everything you have. 

Thankfully, junk removal companies are the solution. They take the trash, recyclable materials, and donations all in one truck. 

Besides hauling away everything you don’t want, companies doing junk removal in Apex, NC will sort your items and determine what goes where. An established company has knowledgeable team members who know whether old clothes should be donated or sent to fabric recycling, which pieces of furniture can be salvaged, and how to properly dispose of electronics.

Tackle Your Project

Once you’re ready to start your cleanout, it’s time to make a plan. Start small and address one room at a time. Take out everything that doesn’t belong: misplaced toys, straggling shoes or clothing items, library books–all of the random household flotsam that gathers in our homes!

Next, get rid of everything you no longer want or need. If an item hasn’t been used in a long time, is broken, or is something you simply don’t enjoy, give it the boot. You might have old outdated electronics in a home office, unused pans and broken small appliances in the kitchen, outgrown toys in a playroom, and worn-out or ill-fitting clothes in your closet. 

At this stage, most decluttering guides recommend sorting these items into categories: to be trashed, to be recycled, and to be donated. 

But here you save yourself a lot of effort and even more time! Instead of sorting through your items and trying to figure out what’s in good enough shape to donate or what should be recycled instead of trashed, it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Call in the Experts 

It’s so easy to schedule junk removal you may end up wondering why you haven’t done it before now!

Call or schedule online to set up an appointment for your chosen company to come out. A quality professional company will contact you shortly before they arrive to confirm they are on their way.

The team will provide a quote based on the items that need to be hauled away. Make sure the company is upfront about their pricing with no hidden fees. The initial lookover is just a quote so there is no obligation to commit. 

Once you approve the quote they’ll begin hauling away your items. 

As the team members fill their truck, they’ll pay attention to which items need to be recycled, which need to be donated, and which can go straight to the landfill. 

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

One of the most satisfying feelings as a mom is looking around your home and knowing that everything is where it should be. Sure, that state may not last long if you have a boisterous household, but decluttering and organizing is a step in the right direction. 

It’s time-consuming and chaotic, but organizing your family home will give you peace of mind. Once you’re ready to begin decluttering, enlist the help of a professional junk removal company to make the process easier and faster. 

No more lingering boxes to drive to donation or bags of trash waiting to be dragged to the curb. With a few helping hands, you’re home will be an organized, clutter-free haven!

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