Modern wedding fashion impresses with a variety of styles and colors. Nevertheless, there is something consistently refined and elegant, timeless. We mean simple bridal gowns — minimalist and versatile. What are their advantages? We’ll tell you in the article below.


Simple bridal gowns gained popularity in more modern times. In place of aristocratic classic voluminous dresses adorned with precious stones and made from expensive fabrics, more minimalist and restrained dresses emerged. This was partly due to the social and economic situation; brides opted for simple bridal gowns because they were more affordable on the market yet looked very elegant and neat. Today, simple bridal gowns are the choice of many super-famous and wealthy Hollywood stars. Why has this style of dress become so beloved to them? Read below.

Benefits of Simple Bridal Gowns

  1. Styling opportunities — since simple bridal gowns are minimalist, they are very easy to customize to any wedding theme, season, your personal style, etc. Bright accents complement simple bridal gowns perfectly —  shoes in any color, jewelry, earrings, belts, long or short veils. Nothing limits your imagination, so feel free to experiment and create new unique looks that reflect your mood and character.
  2. Fits any body type — remember this golden rule: the simpler the dress, the more it suits brides with different body shapes and heights.  If you want to hide some body features this wedding dress style will be of great help. Simple bridal gowns are tailored to make you feel confident, focusing on your natural beauty, grace, and femininity.
  1. Comfort — there is a stereotype that a wedding dress is something elegant and beautiful but uncomfortable, so on your wedding day, you will have to endure some discomfort. But that’s not true! Wedding days are typically filled with various events — you have the ceremony, photo session, lots of socializing with guests, dancing, and so on. Nothing should restrict your movements, let alone the ability to breathe and eat freely. Simple bridal gowns are usually made from fabrics that are breathable and don’t constrict the body or legs. In simple bridal gowns, you can spend your wedding day in purely positive emotions, without worrying that a corset is squeezing you or that your legs are so tight that you can’t dance the first dance with your lovely husband. Only delight and comfort!
  2. Focus on you — if you want to look as natural as possible, if you want the dress to be a wonderful complement to your beauty and charisma, rather than drawing attention to itself with a lot of sparkle and extravagance, simple bridal gowns will be a good choice for you. Moreover, this is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t look cheap at all, but instead adds a shine to your natural beauty.

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