As promise rings occupy the front and center of fashion and expression of affection, it is worthwhile to look at different types. Promise rings are known to be symbolic and carry unique meanings to their wearers. That’s why people gravitate towards promise rings. You and your partner can designate your own interpretation and mark your personal milestones with them. 

However, did you know that different shapes and materials can also have meanings and symbols attached to them? This gives you a playing field to work off and build your message on top of existing symbols. This article explores 8 different promise rings and their meanings.

  1. Heart Promise Rings

If you like cute and youthful shapes, a heart is a versatile and charming shape. It can be worn casually or dressed up according to the occasion. You can gift heart promise rings to your partner on special occasions and anniversaries. You can also present them to young family members to mark birthdays and other milestones. 

  1. Infinity Promise Ring 

This is also known as an eternity ring set with an unbroken line of precious stones, such as a diamond on a band of precious metal. This is symbolic of your continuous and unbroken bond with your partner, and it is usually gifted on occasions such as anniversaries of relationship milestones to relieve you on your journey so far. An infinity promise ring also hails the coming days ahead with strength and inspiration.

  1. Diamond Promise Rings

This is a classic choice of promise ring that sets your commitment and emotion in stone with a diamond. The diamond represents strength and endurance in difficult times while still retaining the ability to shine the brightest. Depending on the shape and cut of the diamond, you can further designate and curate its symbolism. 

For example, diamond promise rings in the shape of a solitaire can represent the wholeness and resilience that it takes to be the most valuable. 

  1. Sapphire Promise Rings 

This is another great choice or a promise ring that represents intelligence, wisdom, and your erudite nature. Sapphire is symbolic of knowledge and the agility to look for answers and make good choices. This was considered the stone of wisdom in Ancient Greece. The stone is also believed to have healing properties. Hence, sapphire promise rings can be symbolic of moving out of any difficult situation in life with your own strength and wisdom.

  1. Commitment Rings For Her 

It goes without saying that commitment rings for her are some of the most direct ways to represent your promise to your partner. You can customize them in different shapes and cuts. There are various selections of gems that can help drive the message home.

  1. Dainty Promise Rings 

If your partner prefers more delicate looks, you can opt for dainty promise rings that enhance the charm and shape of your partner’s fingers. Appetite and minimal rings can be elegant and fit for wearing on a daily basis. They can be dressed up or down and can add an ethereal air to your accessories. 

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  1. Emerald Promise Ring 

There is perhaps no better way to profess your love than through an emerald promise ring. Emeralds are symbolic of love and truth, and they were associated with Goddess Venus in Ancient Greece. They also represented rebirth and the cycle of life to Ancient Egyptians. This encompasses a full message of dedication and love that you can present to your partner.

  1. Cluster Promise Ring 

A cluster promise ring comprises not one gemstone but a collection of many small stones in place of one. They sit together at the center, which creates a busy and interesting look for the ring. You can use different stones for each stone or pick a single stone. They represent togetherness and the strength of small things that can bring about big changes.


With this, we come to a close on different types of promise rings and their meanings. Promise rings represent the life and aspirations of the people who wear them and are extremely personal. As symbolic pieces of jewelry, you can build on the meanings of these rings through material, pattern, and design. You can add to existing meanings and create something memorable and uniquely representative of you and your partner.