Companies that provide oilfield services rely heavily on production log analysis. These detailed logs give crucial data about everything happening downhole in oil and gas wells. Having the skills to thoroughly analyze this information is critical for oilfield services firms. Let’s discuss some of the key reasons production log analysis capabilities are so valuable in this industry.

Boosting Hydrocarbon Recovery

One of the main goals of production log review is finding ways to maximize the amount of oil and gas recovered from wells. Logs like resistivity and porosity can spot areas where hydrocarbons are being drained too quickly or missed altogether. The oilfield services company can then suggest changes to pumping rates, perforation depths or other parameters to improve yield. Optimizing recovery rates this way provides great value for their clients.

Identifying Equipment Issues

The array of sensors used in production logging can also detect problems with tubing, packers, pumps, valves and other equipment downhole. For example, noise logs can reveal issues with rod pumps, while temperature logs show if there are problems with gas lift valves. By catching these mechanical problems early, the oilfield services provider can quickly get wells back up and running properly.

Confirming Well Integrity

No one wants leaks, so verifying well integrity is extremely important. Cement bond logs, variable density logs and other tools validate the casing, cement liners and other barriers are sound. This prevents any contamination. Oilfield services review these integrity logs regularly to ensure wells are operating safely and sustainably for the long haul.

Guiding Repair Jobs

When wells need remedial work like stimulations or perforations, production log analysis provides invaluable guidance. Identifying previous fluid entries and evaluating existing fractures enables oilfield services to place new perforations and stimulations where they will be most productive. This optimization leads to better results from workover activities.

Finding Bypassed Reserves

In addition to what was initially identified, production logs can pinpoint zones deep underground with resources still waiting to be tapped. By comparing porosity, hydrocarbon indicators and other data points, overlooked areas with recoverable oil and gas become apparent. Oilfield services can then help the client access these bypassed pockets to extract even more from the reservoir.

Detailed production log analysis equips oilfield services providers with knowledge to enhance well performance, troubleshoot issues, maximize outputs and more. That’s why top-tier analytic capabilities are absolutely essential for any company striving to provide quality oilfield services and stand out from the competition. Visit Renegade Services to learn more about production logs and production log analysis.