Situational awareness is crucial during flights, as pilots must be aware of everything that is going on around them or that could impact the flight. New pilots often have trouble being aware of everything, but there are ways to improve situational awareness and build on the skills needed for flying. Some of the top ways to help build situational awareness include the following. 

Take Private Lessons

Private lessons are a fantastic way to get more flight time, to learn more about what to do when flying, and to improve situational awareness. With private pilot training, the pilot will fly with an instructor, learning more about everything they need to do. During this time, they can work on the skills needed to form better situational awareness and get tips from the instructor on how to stay informed of everything during the flight.

Pre-Planning for a Flight

Planning ahead of a flight is a great way to stay on top of everything and to find out if there are any potential concerns during the flight. It is crucial to check weather forecasts, look into any potential notices, study the route, and become familiar with any potential hazards. By understanding what the route involves, pilots are able to have a more predictable flight. 

Use Advanced Technology

Be aware of emerging technology and learn how to use it to benefit during flights. As new technology is added to planes, it can help with navigation and keeping an eye on everything that is going on, reducing the likelihood of anything going wrong during a flight. GPS systems, weather radar, and mobile applications are being designed and improved to help pilots. Work with the technology, staying on top of what is new and how to use it, to benefit from it, and to increase situational awareness during any flight.

Be Effective With Communication

It is crucial to be effective in communication with air traffic control, other pilots, other staff, and more. Effective communication can help to discuss upcoming changes to the flight, traffic conflicts, and other issues that may impact the flight. It is crucial to make sure that everything is as clear as possible and that everyone understands what is happening to prevent potential issues before or during a flight.

Be Adaptable in Various Situations

It is crucial to be adaptable when flying. Whether it’s having to change the route, navigate through weather, or other issues that may appear, being adaptable helps pilots understand what to do and how to handle the situation without worry. It is important for pilots to look ahead as they are flying to see what may be coming in the next 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or more so they can have more time to make better decisions about how to handle any potential situations. 

Situational awareness stems from knowing what’s coming and how to handle it while flying. It is crucial for pilots to be aware of what is happening at all times so they can make the appropriate decisions if anything happens or if there is an emergency. If you’re learning how to fly, use these tips and work with a private instructor to learn more about how to improve your situational awareness and make sure you are prepared to handle the flights ahead of you.