The benefits of fresh air are seemingly limitless. Breathing it in can lower your heart rate, decrease stress, and provide you with an overall mood boost. It can also clean out your lungs and make you feel more energetic.

However, shade structures are needed to keep out harmful UV rays. Vinyl pergolas are an affordable, durable, and visually appealing shade option. Read on for some classic and modern pergola ideas to consider.

Classic Wood-Look Vinyl Pergolas

One of vinyl’s biggest benefits is that it can be made to look like anything. Natural stone is a common aesthetic that people love to emulate for an outdoorsy look. Wood, one of the most tried-and-true building materials, is also easy to replicate with simulated-grain textured vinyl.

These wood-look pergolas provide a sense of cozy peace. They make you feel more in touch with the natural world while sitting on your deck or patio. You can also wrap vines around them for an even more outdoorsy look.

Since vinyl is more durable than wood, you don’t need to worry about rot and warping in varying weather conditions. You also don’t need to worry about wood-boring pests, water damage, mold, mildew, or difficult maintenance routines.

Retractable Pergolas

Pergolas all have support columns and a roof frame that holds the main shade in place. Some “retractable” pergolas use a vinyl frame and insert a shade into the roof design. This shade will often be made from cloth or canvas because they’re easy to wind through fixed roof slats and attach to a rail system.

A retractable pergola is one that uses this rail system to move it over the outdoor living space and back again. This modern option lets you control the amount of shade in your space from day to day. Some are manually cranked while others have motorized remote control features, so several options are available.

Modern Louvred Pergolas

louvered pergola is one of the most appealing contemporary structures out there. The entire thing is made from vinyl. There’s no retractable fabric shade.

Instead, angled slats on the roof let sunlight in while also limiting it. They provide shade while still letting you feel the breeze and experience the outdoors.

Louvered pergolas are also easy to adjust with motorized features. You open and close the louvers rather than retract a cloth covering. You can also adjust the angle up to 130 degrees to get top-notch light and air control.

Remember that vinyl comes in tons of different colors and textures. Whether you want a neutral off-white pergola or something with cheery yellow or calming blue louvers, there’s a great structure available for your specific tastes.

Implement Awesome Pergola Roof Ideas

Now that you know some great ideas to keep your patio looking great year-round, it’s time to choose between vinyl pergolas and other outdoor living necessities. Check out the ‘home’ section of our webpage under our ‘life’ tab. You may also be interested in the ‘eco-friendly’ tab to learn more about shading yourself while conserving energy.