Experienced tourists know well which sleeping bag is suitable for a summer hike or for spending the night in the mountains. However, for beginners, it’s difficult to navigate the purpose, size, weight, and other characteristics of a good sleeping bag blanket. In extreme situations, this “bed” will provide you with warmth and comfort. How to choose a sleeping bag so that you can carry it lightly and not freeze at night? What types of sleeping bags are there, and how to choose them correctly? We have made a useful guide for you!

Classification of sleeping bags camping

First, let’s decide what shape a tourist sleeping bag has to be. There are two main types with their pros and cons. 

  1. One of them is called cocoon (mummy), which anatomically follows the contours of the body. This cut allows you to minimize weight and size, and increase the ability to retain heat longer and better. The drawstring hood and thermal collar reliably protect against cold air. As a rule, the cocoon organic bags don’t unfasten completely. The zipper is only two-thirds the length of the bag. 
  2. The second type is a camping blanket. Though it’s not as warm as a cocoon, this is the most comfortable option with a rectangular shape. When unzipped, this sleeping bag resembles a double camping blanket. A sleeping bag blanket is mainly used in the summer or off-season. With rare exceptions, such a bag does not have a hood or a thermal collar. Such models are often taken on extreme hikes, where only a “live” battery can provide warmth. 

Hence, the choice of a camping bag depends on the season and activity duration. As a rule, children prefer sleeping bags while adults choose blankets. Nevertheless, a shop manager can always assist you in choosing the best option for your needs.

Choosing a hemp duffle bag for a particular season

The key function of a sleeping bag is to protect the body from cold air, that is, thermal insulation. A sleeping bag creates an air-filled pocket around the body. This layer prevents a person from freezing because air is a good insulator. When choosing a sleeping bag, you need to understand exactly what purpose and parameters it should meet. 

  • For example, it’s summer: you are going to relax at a campsite, which means you do not need to think about the weight of the sleeping bag, the main thing is comfort while sleeping. Feel free to take a summer blanket bag.
  • Now let’s go on a winter hike and climb the mountain. To stay warm all night, we need a very warm sleeping bag that can keep us warm until the morning. Of course, it’s a sleeping bag blanket.

Hence, the temperature of the sleeping bag is the most important criterion when choosing it. When a summer sleeping bag does not have to be warm, winter models should be able to resist severe frosts.

Benefits of buying an organic sleeping bag blanket

Now we know that there are seasonal types of sleeping bag camping. However, models made of natural materials, like hemp, are completely universal, having a plethora of pros:

  1. Health and comfort. Hemp is durable, soft, stain-resistant, and moisture-wicking. Modern research proves that hemp bedding is ideal for people with allergies, eczema, dermatitis, or simply sensitive skin and is the best choice for sleep.
  2. Warm in winter and cool in summer. In our imagination, hemp is always associated with summer clothes and hot weather. Being a natural fiber, hemp provides a very comfortable microclimate even in the colder months. For those who are constantly cold, a hemp duvet cover and quilt is an ideal choice.
  3. Durability. Hemp is an extremely durable textile, much stronger than cotton. Hemp fibers are thicker and longer, which affects the wear resistance of the fabric. Hemp non toxic sleeping bags are a worthy investment for your future camping trips as it lasts twice as long as cotton, not to mention synthetic sheets.

Eventually, the appearance of hemp production is just perfect: minimalistic and stylish at the same time. Hemp products have a stunningly natural and expensive look, unlike any other textile. There’s nothing like a 100% natural, comfortable-looking, and feeling hemp sleeping bag to complement the aesthetics of your mountain, forest, or coastal hike!