Choosing to start a family shouldn’t come with sacrificing your career. A headhunter can help new moms find the right work when reentering the legal field. Between 2013 and 2023, the percentage of women in the legal profession increased from 34% to 39.51%. While more women have entered the field of law, many still struggle with a work-life balance, and finding their way back into the courtroom after giving birth. 

Taking a career break after having a baby is a rewarding, yet challenging, experience. As you prepare to reenter the field, the landscape may seem unfamiliar, and you may worry about your ability to find a career that fits your new needs. 

Some challenges new moms face include:

  • A knowledge gap after time out of the field
  • Downplaying the skills gained through parenting as legal strengths
  • Questions about résumé gaps
  • Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with the demanding nature of legal work
  • Disconnection from their professional networks

Also known as legal recruiters, attorney headhunters are specialists in matching qualified lawyers with job opportunities. As you prepare to reenter the legal workforce, working with a headhunter may help overcome these challenges, providing benefits such as:

Laws may seem set in stone, but they are often evolving. As such, there may have been developments or changes to the practice areas, regulations, or technologies while you were out of the field. Legal headhunters stay current on such trends, and can brief you on the relevant developments to help bridge the knowledge gap as you catch up.

Whether you have been out of the field for a brief maternity leave, or you’re returning after extended time away, your skills and experience still bring tremendous value. Your priorities, however, may have shifted. A legal recruiter will help you identify the practice area that best fits your strengths and aligns with your goals, focusing your search on positions in those areas. 

2. Showcasing Transferable Skills

Some view motherhood as a detriment to a woman’s commitment to her field. However, skills gained as a mom and managing your household can translate into professional organizational and time management skills. Spend time arguing with your toddler? A headhunter can help you frame that as honing your communication and conflict resolution skills. Your legal recruiter will help you translate your parental responsibilities into legal strengths to use to your advantage during your interview.

3. Finding Flexible Work Arrangements

A legal headhunter’s network of connections may help you find a position with a firm with options to suit your needs. For example, some law firms offer remote work options, on-site childcare facilities, or part-time schedules. Your legal recruiter will discuss your priorities, availability, and schedule with you, helping you target your search toward firms that prioritize healthy work-life balances.

4. Boosting Confidence and Interview Skills

When returning after a break, the interview process might feel intimidating. A legal headhunter can provide interview coaching. Further, they may offer mock interviews to help you practice and refine your answers and delivery. A legal recruiter can help you showcase your legal skills and transferable skills, giving you confidence as you enter the interview process.

The search for a job, particularly one that meets your needs as a new mom, can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Hiring a legal recruiter to aid with the search can help streamline the process. Your headhunter will handle the initial screenings and communications, presenting you with pre-vetted opportunities that will fit your skills and career goals.

Searching on your own, you’ve only got access to those positions that are advertised publicly, or those you hear of through your own professional network. Due to their vast connections, legal headhunters often have access to a pool of unadvertised legal opportunities, which might include one that perfectly suits your comeback.