Axes have been used widely in the world for ages for various tasks like building wooden objects or structures and in wars. Viking axes are the most common type of war tools that were used in the past by the European people.

The structure of the axe is kept different from other axes. It has a long handle with sharp blades that make it a perfect weapon to use in wars for killing or cutting. However, people are still using this specific type of axe for various purposes. 

It is still common for people who live in hilly areas and have to deal with dangerous animals regularly. If you are also living in this type of area, we suggest you have Viking axes with you. In this blog, we are going to help you know how you can buy these axes without losing money.

Is it good to buy Viking axes from online stores?

A common question that comes to mind is, “Is it worth buying these axes online?” Undoubtedly, it can be dangerous for your investment if you are unable to pick the right product. However, you can minimize such risks by keeping the following factors in mind. 

  • Choose a reliable online store
  • Read reviews before buying
  • Have a deep eye on the material of the axe
  • Try to explore the collection and choose the best one

These factors will surely help you buy the best Viking axes from online stores. 

7 Best Online Stores to Buy Viking Axes

You may get confused by looking at the long list of stores offering Viking axes. For your ease, we have researched a lot and listed the best 7 stores that you can choose from because of their premium products.

  1. White Hills Knives

For those who don’t want to compromise on the quality material for their Viking axes, White Hills Knives is the best online store. From this store, you can get axes of different styles and sizes. The store offers fully handmade Viking axes that will last long and offer you an extraordinary experience.

Moreover, the price for the Viking axes has been kept lower. By gripping their modern styling axes with traditionally crafted designs, you will surely feel confident. These axes will improve your cutting experience because of the smooth grip and sharp blades. 

  1. Dark Knight Armoury

As mentioned earlier, Viking axes have great roots in the pages of history. Some manufacturers consider this connection for designing their axes and making them visible for sale. Dark Knight Armoury is one of those online stores that offer unique axes made with historical and traditional designs.

Ranging from simple Viking axes to stylish ones, you will find the perfect pick for you from its collection. Its extensive collection of axes will never disappoint you in finding the best weapon/accessory for your tasks. 

  1. Battle Merchant

Another good online store for buying Viking axes is Battle Merchant. This online store offers different weapons that belong to the Viking era including axes, knives, and swords. You can choose the one that suits your needs. 

Simply, you can say that the store offers a variety of products that belong to the Viking era. The only drawback of this store is the limited collection. Unlike the above stores, you will find only a few Viking axes and swords in its collection. 

  1. Damascus Knife Hub

If you are looking for a variety of Viking axes made with premium quality steel, you should check the collection at Damascus Knife Hub. This online store offers a variety of axes and knives made with quality steel that makes them perfect for long use. 

To give extra comfort and a smooth grip, the handle of the axes is kept perfect in dimensions. Moreover, a suitable gripper has been implanted on the handles for quickly using this axe like the real Vikings. 

  1. The Viking Shop

For those who don’t only need the axes but also accessories related to Viking axes, The Viking Shop is here to serve. Unlike other stores, it doesn’t focus on the manufacturing of axes and selling them.

The store is working in different categories to offer quality products to its customers. Ranging from premium axes to their accessories, you will find a variety of products from this store. You can say that it has every product to improve your experience of using axes. 

  1. Knife Center

With over 400 Viking axes in its list, the Knife Center is considered to have the largest collection of this product. The store offers high-quality and durable products to use in a diverse range of activities.

You can find the axes suitable for splitting wood, chopping trees, camping, and combat operation practices. In short, it offers a wide collection of Viking axes making it a suitable platform for everyone. 

  1. Dark Sword

In the last position of our list, we have listed Dark Sword because of multiple swords and Viking axes. From this store, you can explore the collection of axes and swords that are related to various cultures around the globe.

The main purpose of the popularity of this manufacturer is the unique designs of its Viking axes. However, the reason to rank it lower is the expensive products with the limited collection. It makes it hard for an ordinary person to choose the right product. 

Final Summary

By reading this blog about Viking axes and stores to get these axes, we hope you are good to go now. You can choose any of the above sites to get your required axe. However, we recommend the White Hills Knives the most because of the variety of facilities and benefits.