StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader is a VIP product launched by the famous software solution provider StreamFab in order to help users download 1080p peacock videos. If you want to watch Peacock offline and don’t know whether StreamFab Peacock Downloader is worth investing in, this comprehensive StreamFab Peacock Downloader review will help you make a wise decision.

Is StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader Free?

When considering the subscription to any software, primarily, the issue of cost often pops up. Now, you may be wondering, “Is StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader free or not?” The answer is two-fold – yes and no. StreamFab Peacock Downloader does indeed provide a free trial for new users. However, for extensive and uninterrupted use, StreamFab Peacock Downloader offers two subscription plans:

  1. A monthly plan at a cost of $39.99
  2. A cost-effective Lifetime plan at $89.99

When compared to other video downloaders in the same category, the Lifetime plan of StreamFab Peacock Downloader stands out economically. It becomes a more affordable option over time, thus offering substantial savings in the long run.

Furthermore, for those users who require more extensive download needs across multiple OTT platforms. It provides a StreamFab All-in-one downloader. This plan, priced at $279.99 for a Lifetime subscription, supports offline viewing from not just Peacock, but also from other prominent streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and over 1000 other sites.

StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader Features

The main characteristic to note is StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader’s capacity to download Peacock videos in superior and high-definition quality. Users have two quality options to choose from depending on their preferences – 720p or 1080p – and your saved videos come in a widely compatible MP4 format. This feature makes it easier for you to have your favorite videos from Peacock in the quality that you desire and easily accessible regardless of the device or the media player you are using. 

Subtitles can be a crucial part of a watching experience, especially for foreign films and shows or for those with hearing impairments. Recognizing this, the StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader also offers the function of subtitle saving. However, unlike the built-in subtitles in videos, these are saved as SRT files. SRT format is a text format that can be read by most video players.

Furthermore, StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader also has the advantage of batch downloading. This allows users to save multiple videos in one single operation, time-effective for those wishing to download various episodes of a show or several different videos all at once. Instead of having the hassle of downloading the videos one by one, users can tap into the convenience of downloading all their desired videos, all in one go.

StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader VS Other Peacock Downloaders

StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader stands out among other downloaders for the prime benefits it offers its users. As an exception, it gives a free trial wherein users can download up to 3 Peacock videos

What’s more, it even provides a lifetime plan, a feature that most of the other Peacock downloaders lack. Once you subscribe to their lifetime plan, there are a plethora of benefits waiting for you. You would be surprised to know that it allows you to download videos at 10X faster speed.


Among other perks, it also includes support for H.264 and H.265 codec. This functionality ensures their users a high-quality video experience making the platform an excellent choice for video enthusiasts. Unlike other downloaders, StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader facilitates the download of subtitles and meta-information, ensuring that the user doesn’t miss out on any essential information. 

Supported Devices of StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader

The StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader is a highly user-friendly. If you are on a Mac system, the software can work on systems with macOS from version 10.10 to 14. Consequently, if you are a Windows user, the software supports Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and the recently released 11. It caters to both the 32 and 64-bit versions of these operating systems. 

Thus, no matter the device, you can conveniently download your preferred videos using StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader.

Editor’s Thought: Is StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader Worth It?

To ensure a balanced and objective evaluation, I personally tested the free and paid features of StreamFab Peacock Downloader by downloading the software. It is common for some software to offer faster download speed during the trial period, and then slow down after the payment is made. However, StreamFab maintained a consistently stable download speed which I found quite impressive.

As an avid TV show enthusiast, I added around 35 videos to the download list in one instance after making the payment. StreamFab was able to efficiently handle this requirement, which was consistent with their promotional claims.

Though I encountered a minor glitch during usage, the customer service provided a solution in a day. Therefore, I would recommend trying out StreamFab Peacock Downloader if you’re looking to convert Peacock streams into MP4 format video files.