In a world where people seem to have less and less time to do the little things that help them take care of themselves, finding an effective and efficient workout routine is of the utmost importance. 

The sad truth is that then people get overwhelmed with the daily chores and tasks that go along with life these days, and working out is often one of the first things to go.

However, regular exercise is essential to not only staying in physical shape, but numerous studies have shown its positive effect on mental health in managing depression, anxiety, and many other issues. That’s why companies like FitCord Fitness specialize in providing exercise equipment such as resistance bands with handles that help make working out more time efficient without sacrificing results. 

Here are a few of the benefits these products offer not only seasoned fitness enthusiasts but beginners as well:

1. They Provide a Full-Body Workout

Resistance bands allow you to engage in exercises that target numerous muscle groups at the same time, providing a complete, all-encompassing workout. By adding these bands to your fitness routine, you can train shoulders, chest, core, back, arms, and legs all with just this one piece of equipment. 

2. They Offer Low Impact Exercises

Resistance bands with handles provide a joint-friendly alternative to free weights, making them preferred by people with mobility issues or joint discomfort. The elasticity in the bands significantly lowers the stress on your joints while also keeping the resistance directed toward the muscles being worked out.

3. They Have Variable Resistance

Another way resistance bands differ from conventional free weights is how they provide varying resistance throughout each exercise. As the band stretches, the resistance increases, creating a challenging workout for both eccentric and concentric muscle movements. This helps to not only encourage muscle growth but also improves endurance, strength, and power.

4. They Are Highly Convenient and Travel Easily

One of the best ways resistance bands can enhance your workout is to make sure that you keep up your exercise regimen even when you’re on the road. These fitness accessories fit easily into any travel bag or luggage to help you stick to your routine even when you are traveling or away from home for any reason.

5. Their Versatility Is Unmatched

Normally, you would need multiple different-sized dumbbells and barbells to get the wide variety of exercises and targeted muscle groups that resistance bands with handles offer in one piece of equipment.  From traditional exercises such as chest presses and bicep curls to dynamic range of motion exercises like twists, rows, and lunges, these bands have you covered.

Incorporating Resistance Bands with Handles into Your Exercise Routine 

The great thing about resistance bands is the fact that you can either introduce them into an existing routine for added benefits or you can build your whole routine around them if you’re limited on time, space, or both. By providing the full-body experience while also improving things like balance and flexibility, these versatile workout tools are an invaluable addition to any fitness regimen.