Not all pokies are the same. The traditional fruits & numbers themes are way past us, and even when some companies still offer nice old-fashioned games, there are several unique pokies that we can play with in libraries such as Furthermore, we will show you what kind of unique pokies you can find and what they are all about. 

Overview of Unusual Themes

You can find a plethora of great unusual themes in Australian online pokies real money games. These cover a huge base of options that range from historical-based themes to fantasy settings. 

For example, you can check out the Heist Bank Rush pokie by Betsoft Gaming. This title follows a classic movie-styled bank robbery with a “hold and win” style of pokie. The game has decent graphics and a main story following a group of robbers that represent the bonus symbols. Get 6 of them on your screen and find the Hold & Win feature!

Another example of unusual-themed Australian casino online pokies is the Power of Rome slot by Booming Games, with great gaming features and a nice background of a military fight of the great Roman empire.

Immersive Gameplay Features

Explore the immersive gameplay features of these unique games is a big part of the best Australian pokies. Among other things you can find: 

  • Special game story events: Some games offer special in-games or bonus rounds that you can play once you get a certain number of scatter symbols. 
  • Innovative reel mechanics: Another nice feature that appears in most of the Australian pokies real money with unusual themes is innovative mechanics, from a temple stone that falls and rearranges a lane, to a mystic witch that sells you special bonuses.
  • Engaging storylines: Almost every slot with an unusual theme will be moved by a back story. This is one of the most appealing parts of this type of game since it changes the whole pokie experience to something closer to playing a videogame.

Player Experience and Enjoyment

Unique themes and features enhance the player experience. With these, you can follow up a story and get a more viable experience than what you get with traditional pokies. Whether you run from an ancient temple or fly with the Viking gods, both the graphics and the story make playing these games a whole new betting experience.

Recommendations and Highlights

AU online pokies can be found in most online casinos, but not all offer unique pokies, We may recommend you try your luck at Rocket Play, where you can enjoy some specific fantasy titles like Mystic Charms, Book of Mines, and Caramelo Jackpot, or even some historical titles like Egypt Sun Deluxe. 


We recommend that you pick a casino that you enjoy and explore unique pokies at your favourite Australian pokies app. These games are not to be taken lightly, so, play responsibly and make sure to enjoy games with fascinating stories and exceptional features to back your gambling.