Waxing has become a popular hair removal method for both men and women. It offers a longer-lasting result compared to shaving or using hair removal creams. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

While many people are familiar with waxing for areas like the eyebrows, legs, and underarms, there is one area that may still be considered taboo for some: the genital area. This is where Manzilian waxing comes in. Let’s explore the process of Manzilian waxing.


What is Manzilian Waxing?

Manzilian waxing, also known as “Bro-zillian” or “Guy-zilian”, is a form of Brazilian waxing specifically for men. It involves removing all the hair in the pubic region.

This includes the penis, scrotum, and anal area. Similar to a regular Brazilian wax, it leaves a thin strip or triangle of hair on top.

Before scheduling your appointment, do some research to find a reputable salon or spa that offers Manzilian waxing such as this page for Fenton Brazilian wax services. It’s important to choose a professional who is experienced in this type of waxing to ensure safety and proper technique.

Waxing Preparation

Before booking your first Manzilian waxing appointment, there are a few things you should do to prepare:

Let Your Hair Grow

For the wax to effectively remove all the hair, it needs to be a certain length. It’s recommended to let the hair grow out to at least ΒΌ inch before waxing. This usually takes about 2-3 weeks after shaving.


Exfoliating the pubic area a few days before your appointment can help prevent ingrown hairs. It also helps the wax adhere better to the hair.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Both caffeine and alcohol can make your skin more sensitive. This can lead to more discomfort during the waxing process. It’s best to avoid these for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

The Process

Now that you’re prepared, here’s what you can expect during your Manzilian waxing appointment:


The area being waxed will be cleaned and sanitized before the process begins. This is to prevent any infection or irritation.

Application of Wax

A warm or hot wax will be applied to the area using a spatula. The wax is usually made from natural ingredients like honey, beeswax, and resin.

Removal of Hair

A strip of cloth or paper will be pressed onto the wax and swiftly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. This pulls out the hair from the roots. The process is repeated until all the hair in the area is removed.

Tweezing and Trimming

In some cases, there may be stray hairs left behind or longer hairs that need to be trimmed. Your waxing professional will take care of these with tweezers and scissors.

Soothing and Moisturizing

Once all the hair is removed, a soothing lotion or oil will be applied to the area to calm any redness or irritation. This also helps moisturize the skin.

Waxing Aftercare

After your Manzilian waxing appointment, it’s important to take care of the waxed area to prevent infections and keep your skin smooth. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid heat after waxing
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing
  • Exfoliate regularly

Try Manzilian Waxing Now!

Manzilian waxing may seem intimidating for first-timers, but it’s a safe and effective way to remove hair in the genital area. Just make sure to do your research, prepare properly, and follow aftercare tips for a smooth and comfortable experience. So, don’t be afraid to try it out and enjoy the benefits of longer-lasting hair removal!

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