Writing a heartfelt maid of honor speech is overwhelming. You want to nail the essence of the bride and groom’s love story while pouring your love and thanks to the couple. Let’s be honest. It’d be easier if there were some ready-made wedding toast ideas you could tweak to fit your vibe. Well, good news! In this post, we’ve included many MOH speech examples to get those creative juices flowing.

What Makes the Best Maid of Honor Speech?

What goes into a maid of honor speech? Folks want to hear about your special bond with the bride, fun stories about the couple, and heartfelt wishes for their future. Keep it upbeat and genuine!

Maid of Honor Speech Examples You’ll Like

Our collection covers everything from romantic to sentimental, short to long, and severe to funny maid of honor speeches. We’ve got a wide range of bridesmaid speech examples, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Short and Sweet Speech:

“Hey everyone, it’s [Name], and I’m super excited to be [Name]’s maid of honor. Let me keep this quick — [Name] and [Partner’s name], you’re a rockstar couple. I wish you endless happiness and love. Cheers!”

Quirky and Funny Maid of Honor Speech:

“Hey, party people! I’m [Name], here to rock as [Name]’s maid of honor. Let’s give it up for the dynamic duo! [Applause] [Name] and [Partner’s name], you’re like the superhero team of love. [Name], you’re my partner in crime, and [Partner’s name], thanks for being the yin to [Name]’s yang. Here’s to more adventures together!”

Poetic Speech:

“Hey everyone, it’s [Name], and I’m pumped to be [Name]’s maid of honor tonight. Today, we’re all about love, commitment, and joy, and I love every minute. [Name] and [Partner’s name] are like this awesome flower. Their love just keeps blooming and growing. They’re the perfect match, and nothing can break their bond. Let’s remember that love’s got this amazing power to heal and bring us all together. Here’s to the happy couple and the forever power of love!”

Friendly Reminder: When speaking, look at the happy couple now and then. It shows that you mean every word you say straight from the heart, not just reading off paper.

Sentimental Speech:

“Hey, everyone. I still remember the day my best friend met her future husband. She didn’t even realize it back then, but she couldn’t imagine her life without him. Now that I see them together, it’s clear that their love is genuine. You inspire us all with your love, kindness, and dedication. Let it be so always!”

What to Avoid in the Best Maid of Honor Speeches?

Avoid inside jokes or stories that only a select few will get. It can leave the rest of the audience feeling left out. Also, avoid embarrassing anecdotes that might make the bride or groom uncomfortable. Other than that, speak from the heart! You’ve got this!