Croatian Coastline is unique, full of charming islands and islets, peninsulas and natural peculiarities. There are endless amazing locations on the coast, some famous and some secluded. 

When visiting the Croatian Coast, it pays off to explore different parts at once and combine various coastal regions in your vacation.

This is why a seven-day vacation in Croatia is the perfect period for exploring its coast. The best way to do this is by using yacht charter Croatia which allows you maximum flexibility on your trip. In this way, you can reach endless secret bays and islets you’d never see otherwise, all in seven days.

Starting at the Northern Adriatic

The start of your adventure depends on where you’re coming from, but the itinerary we propose can actually be done in reverse too. 

Start your seven-day tour at the region of Istria, known for its beautiful sea, great food and excellent wine. We suggest you spend at least one day in this region and go visit some local restaurants or wineries. Once you’re full, you can continue your journey towards the south.

On your second day, head to the islands Cres, Lošinj and Brijuni which are all on your way from Istria to the south. 

You’ll discover some beautiful beaches around these parts, breathtaking fields and friendly sheep roaming the island. It’s at this point that the Croatian coast starts to get more rugged, so on your way further down, you’ll come across endless small islets. For smooth sailing, discover a bareboat charter in Croatia.

Heading onto the South

The third day should be the day you start exploring the Dalmatian part of the coast. On your way to the south, you’ll have a chance to stop at some major towns, the first of which is Zadar. Discover the Sea organ and magnificent architecture of Zadar, go wind-surfing in Nin or hike through the Telašćica National Park on Dugi Otok Island.

Heading further, make sure to stop at Kornati on your fourth day, so you can witness the marvelous scenery or take a swim in one of the secret bays. Sailing around the Kornati islands is a unique experience. 

For the best time, discover sailboat charters ideal for your adventure. The rest of the fourth day and the fifth day are perfect for the town of Šibenik and its archipelago. Visit charming islands around the city, or head through the St. Anthony Channel and even explore the estuary of the river Krka.

In the end, the sixth and seventh days are reserved for some of the most popular tourist destinations – the towns of Split and Dubrovnik. We suggest you anchor in both of these towns so you can truly get a taste of them. Visit the Diocletian’s Palace in Split or the island of Lokrum and the Elaphiti Islands in front of Dubrovnik. There are endless alternative seven-day tours on the Croatian Coast so make sure to come back and discover it all.