Hosting a dinner party is one of the most exciting ways to socialize with friends. Chances are you’ve already organized plenty of dinner parties. But have you ever considered how you can make your events a little more sustainable? Keep reading for some handy tips on how to host a great and green party! 

Use what you already have

It’s common to want to buy additional things for a dinner party. From extravagant centerpieces to napkins with a particular print, these items certainly add to the flair of your setup. However, chances are that you already have plenty of supplies at home. 

Simply take a look in your cabinets and think creatively. What can you use as decoration? Think about lighting candles or showcasing your houseplants. You can also upcycle some things you have lying around in your house. For instance, you can make simple but elegant cloth napkins using any fabric scraps you might have. The possibilities are endless!

Avoid disposable items

This might be obvious, but to lower the environmental impact of your dinner party, you will want to avoid plastic or even carton plates and cutlery. Not only do these increase your carbon footprint, but they are also not that pleasant to use or look at. 

So, to keep things classy and environmentally-friendly at your table, use plates, cups and cutlery that you already own. If you’re worried about not having enough matching sets, don’t stress. You can arrange everything creatively for a charming and fun feel to your setup. Your guests will surely appreciate whatever you’ve carefully prepared for them. 

Cook a plant-based feast

You probably already know that plant-based foods have a lower environmental impact than meals made with animal products. Even if you and your guests aren’t on a fully plant-based diet, you can still try to prioritize fruits and veggies at your dinner party. 

Thankfully, there are so many exciting and delicious plant-based meals you can whip up. Think of soups, stews, several pasta dishes, or any type of roasted vegetables and how you can plate them to impress even the pickiest eaters at your table. 

Use locally-sourced ingredients

In addition to preparing plant-based foods, another great way to be an environmentally-conscious dinner party host is to showcase local and seasonal produce. A tip to make this process as easy as possible is to check which ingredients are in season and easily accessible to you before planning what you’ll be making. 

This way, you avoid any complications or the chance that local suppliers will not have what you’re looking for. So, take your time at the farmer’s market and think about which local and seasonal ingredients you can pair to create your menu. 

Don’t take cleanup for granted

Once the dinner party is over, you’ll be left with the pleasant memories of your time with your friends – and with a huge pile of dishes. While this is the least fun part of hosting, it’s also inevitable. However, there are a few ways to minimize the impact of your cleaning process on the environment. 

For instance, in case you have solar panels installed on your roof, you are probably running your dishwasher on solar energy. For average households, a 5kw solar system is more than enough to power your post-dinner party cleanup. However, if you don’t have solar panels, you can still be environmentally-conscious. You can use eco cleaning products, think about how you can reduce water waste, and recycle or compost any waste you and your guests produced. 


Hosting a dinner party should be a fun experience. But, as climate concerns become more and more important, finding ways to be as environmentally-friendly as possible in our everyday lives is crucial. As a host, you can do your part for the planet by making a few mindful decisions. 

Hopefully, these tips have given you some inspiration for the next time you have friends over for dinner. And remember, every small bit counts! So, making any adjustments that are feasible for you can help you make your dinner parties a little greener.